Supermarket Pet Peeves


Ugh I wish no one did. Here is a pic from the internet if you’re from a region that thankfully doesn’t do this.

These are a pet peeve of mine too.



I hate those things. They seem to be getting bigger, taller and they are reproducing. Sometimes I have to move them to get to what I am after.


Europe, and many countries in Asia, are definitely still can driven, so international credit cards are not as common, but I’m surprised that checks still have that shelf life

Pre-signing it out helps, but when you’re in a big US city, it’s almost never seen. I’m still using checks that I ordered over 20yrs ago because I will maybe 3-4 a year. I know many businesses that won’t even accept personal checks.


Those are a fact of life.
I used to work for RGIS and end caps and in aisle displays are exactly what we were recording information about.
Soda pop and chips!

(Jimmy ) #85

A couple of weeks ago I had a run in with one of these. It was filled with COOKIES in the pet food aisle. The dog kibble I wanted to buy was blocked off by this free stander. When I moved it to get to the dog food bag, it spilled 10 or 12 of the cookie packages across the aisle. I picked up a few of the spilled packages, put 'em back on the display then thought: “Screw it. Someone on the Clock can do this.”

(John) #86

Hahahah - we used to have a dog who was notorious for stopping in the middle of the door, the middle of the hall, the middle of whatever. I was always falling over him & saying “Don’t stop in the middle.” So one day entering the supermarket the woman ahead of me stopped dead in the door & it just popped out of me “Don’t stop in the middle.” I got such a dirty look - I was embarrassed.

(Jimmy ) #87

But you didn’t face plant her which is a good thing.

(kim) #88

I’m trying to remember the last time I wrote a check :thinking: Maybe 2010 :confused:

(Andrea) #89

I had a moment of panic recently, I had to cancel my credit card due to fraud but also had to go grocery shopping, thought I was going to have to dig out my checkbook. I almost forgot I could just get cash at the in-store ATM!

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #90

If you’re signing a blank check, I hope your wallet/purse is never stolen.

(Jimmy ) #91

Me too!

(Gwenn) #92

And another

(Jimmy ) #93

Reminds me of this.


A display like that would royally piss me off, thank goodness I don’t have to deal with them!


That is absolutely ridiculous!

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #96

That picture shows only one or two in an aisle. I often see more than this, especially if some item is one sale. E.g., when Progresso soups was on sale, there were stacks of cases of various varieties angled in the aisle in front of the shelf.

( :@)) :@)) ) #97

Someone keeps zip ties handy for this:



Wait, is that just because this person parked like an inconsiderate jerk so someone is giving the driver his/her comeuppance, or is that supposed to be a buffer against a car scraping against the side of the car?


Yes, I do too, I always have. I like food shopping generally, even in supermarkets. I have always tended to do my supermarket shopping after 7 PM (not counting shopping at 24 hour places in the middle of the night, which I also do) so I’m guessing the stores all tend to be less crowded, which helps a lot, I know. Also I don’t do big weekly shopping runs (not convenient since we don’t drive) so I don’t care if I don’t find every single thing on a specific trip - I buy what I can easily carry every few days.

I really have a problem with supercrowded shopping, though. That’s why I basically never go to Trader Joe’s. There’s nothing they stock that is worth the stress of trying to shop in there.

(Gwenn) #100

I so agree! I am one of the few who is not enamored of the place, and its ALWAYS crowded. I don’t go there at all anymore unless I’m in the mood for their frozen latkes, which are very good. Since I too hate crowds, I do my food shopping early in the day. It’s rarely crowded then, unless it’s a major holiday.