Supermarket Pet Peeves

(DeMarko) #41

As they say, everything is bigger in Texas! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(John) #42

My pet peeves with supermarkets are 2. Price & packaging. The prices are insane & there is no supermarket near me that carries anything in bulk. Comes from living in a neighborhood where kitchens are much more decorative than useful.

(D) #43

Those crowds of people who decide to go shopping at the same time as me.

(John) #44

eb you trendsetter.


It’s all tied to one special traffic light in town!

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #46

Mine is an “anti-peeve”: I love that my local Shoprite has what I call “granny carts”. These are smaller carts, maybe half the length, half the depth, and narrower than the usual carts. I don’t have to practically climb into the cart to get the items at the bottom, I can maneuver around things much easier, and when I am stopped by a shelf, I block a lot less space.

Okay, they’re too small for a family with kids that eats all its meals at home, but for us (an older couple who eat out a lot), it is perfect. Actually, I can even do all my Passover shopping with it. My only problem is if I’m trying to get cases of canned soda on sale–buying the required 4 pretty much fills it up!

(John Hartley) #47

Lidl (in the UK and maybe elsewhere ) is introducing child sized trolleys.

I bet they last as long as it takes for some elderly granny to trip over one and sue.

(Chris D) #48

Both of the markets I regularly go to have these, the same parents who let their kids run around the store uncontrolled now let their kids run around the store uncontrolled pushing these mini carts in to displays and other shoppers.

One thing that irks me about my primary grocery store is that most of the sale items in their weekly flyer require that you not only have their loyalty card but that you log in to your account and “clip” the digital coupon for that item in order to get the sale price. I kind of miss the days where you could just go in and buy an item on sale without having to jump through a bunch of extra hoops.

(Gwenn) #49

I love those small carts. So much better than a basket, which can get heavy, when you are picking up a few things.


The video in your link, that cashier was really impressive. Here, they move 5 times slower.


Jeez, I sorta feel bad. I have no complaints about the 3 stores I frequent.
I go to them because they don’t PO me.
At my advanced age, I’ve found the easiest way to avoid stressful and anger filled people, places, and things is just to eliminate them from my life. A technique I wish I had implemented long before now.


I’ve lived in a small town too long!


This. I’m less than 5 feet so having to dangle from a cart to lift something out is a pain. But I will say my favorite store had carts for singles (sounds like a dating set up): 2 tier stubby cart, kind of like what Wegmans has. I love these, but they got rid of most of these for the skinny granny carts. They have 2 of these old 2 tier carts left and I will seek them out each time.

Sadly, my mom is one of those annoying aisle blockers. When I shop with her, I spend 20% of my time moving her cart and reminding her not to leave them in the middle of a path. She’s seriously like a squirrel when she shops. Her eyes dart to the shiny thing, her hands let go of the cart, her cart just stays there. She also takes forever to pick the one she wants, so it’s terrible. She frustrates me, and I’m shopping with her!


Geez, some of you have really crappy grocery stores. I’m thankful that our local family owned chain is wonderful! No carts out of the store (they happily load groceries into you car without charge), great quality produce and fish, helpful employees,only one store reconfiguration in 20 years, clean, decent prices, weekend wine tastings, lots of local produce in season. My pet peeve are the assholes that block The aisles to have a conversation with a friend.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #55

My favorite is people that stand at the checkout waiting until the entire order is rang through before they decide that they have to pay. Then they start digging out their payment method. This is a particular favorite of mine when in a hurry.


We have a very large store with a wide main drag that bisects the store. One time two friends met and managed to block it with their bodies and carts. Did I say wide? It is very wide.

( :@)) :@)) ) #57

Some supermarkets in Japan have this self check-out system: you put your basket down on a surface at the till, it “knows” what you have in your basket! Without you taking all the items out of it. To pay you insert money into a slot, get your change back and a receipt. There’s an employee standing nearby in case you need help. We had no idea and she helped us. The system is very efficient. I want such a system at home. Make it all automatic and efficient.

(Jimmy ) #58

…then they send their shopping partner off to get ice cream–at the other side of the store.

(John) #59

Somebody over on MSN has been reading this thread:

(Gwenn) #60

And that reminded me of one I forgot. The person on the express line with a full load of groceries! Or at the self check.