Stools not chairs

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As with most of their design, the ingenious Shakers solved this dilemma. These low-back chairs supply enough back support to be.comfortable. I attended a special dinner at the Shaker Village in NH years ago. I had qualms when I saw those chairs, but was pleasantly surprised. They were made to slide under the long, communal tables, which simplified the task of floor sweeping between meals.

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Yes, I never do. A good friend had her bag stolen that way.


Wow that bad?! Usually in Paris, that happens more with cafés and restaurants with tables on the streets. But nowadays they are interested in telephones than bags. Indoors is usually fine in restaurants.


Happens in suburbs around here too! It’s like leaving stuff on your car seat. Just BEGGING for trouble.

I hate no back seats and always ask for a seat with a back when I find. Yself in that situation. And ask those I’m dining with can they take the bench so I can have a seat with a back.


Yes, those tables that rest directly on tatami Matt’s are high enough for you to sit cross legged underneath. I have all those same challenges you have too.

Low stools aren’t too bad, but high bar stools are the worst for short people. First the climbing up and plopping the butt on the seat is never graceful for me. Secondly, then getting back down to go to the bathroom or somewhere else always involves scraping your back side against the stool. It’s a particular nightmare if you are in a skirt or dress.


The stool trend in NYC seems to be passing here and going to other parts of the country. Used to see backless stools everywhere 5-10 years ago but more places are now adding backs. Likely reflects that the chefs who opened places when they were young and hip have gotten older along with their audience.

I think backless stools and loud music were of an era at least in NYC and signified you were a cool hip place with that “chef driven” menu that didn’t cater to those seeking traditional fine dining and they didn’t care if you didn’t care for it. Prime example in my mind would be David Chang’s places. I used to love sitting at a stool at Ssam Bar at the communal table with great music blasting eating my pork bun. But we all get older and now Ko has seats with backs. He still has a good soundtrack playing.

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I just turn around and leave.


Looks like Paris is so behind, and is going through this era NOW!