Stonemill Matcha, SF Mission - review w/ PICS

After eating at Mixt for lunch I went to Stonemill Matcha for dessert. It’s a small shop with some seating, but not enough. When I was in line I noticed only 1 table left that I was able to grab and this was on Fri 6/1/18 in the afternoon.

I ordered:

Ginger matcha latte $5.5 - it’s a medium sized cup that if you have there, they bring to you. It takes a bit of time to get so can’t be in a rush.

I also got a chocolate chip cookie $3 - it was ok, too salty for me, I did finish it though. I think I read that Tartine makes their pastries.

They have some regular food on the menu, I didn’t pay attn to it.

I walked by on Sunday 6/3/18 and they have a line to get into the shop so if you want to eat there best to go early.

Daily 8am-6pm

Stonemill Matcha
561 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110


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