Spice, change is gonna come

Choice is a great thing.


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Two new offerings from Burlap and Barrel.
Buffalo Ginger and Purple Stripe Garlic both from their partnership with Vietnamese farmers.


Have you tried them yet? Curious what you think.

Just ordered this week along with their coriander. I will report back.

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Great stuff! I will definitely give them a try.

The oregano buds look amazing! :wink:
The oregano and coriander come Whole in a grinding barrel, the ground purple stripe garlic is mild and the ground buffalo ginger is super warm.


Just used the oregano on cherry tomatoes and mini mozz balls. So fresh.


I ordered the B&B cinnamon for my sister. Incredibly fresh.

This peaked my interest. You?

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The first spice blend offered by B&B looks interesting.

And, for those who like that sorta thing, B&B’s playlist on Spotify identifies some terrific international music artists.


I’m especially intrigued by the silk chili in the Nov '19 post. I’ve been gifted and growing some Turkish chilis and thought silk referred to how they are cut , but can’t find too much on the subject. Now I’m wondering if it might refer to the "silk road ".


I would reach out to the super friendly owners for any inquiries. they have replied to my questions many times.

These are pretty good.


From B&B:

When New York shuts down, New Yorkers show up. Our fearless Ethan has been volunteering at [God’s Love We Deliver for the past few days, prepping and packing meals for thousands of New Yorkers who are homebound with serious illnesses, many of whom are immuno-compromised and without strong support systems in the middle of this healthcare crisis.

There are so many organizations working overtime to support our community without enough resources to do so.

We’ve been inspired by Hugh Merwin so here’s the deal:

You send us a screenshot of a donation that you’ve made to a non-profit supporting our communities through COVID. We’ll send you a code for a free jar of spices with your next order.

Whether it’s Feeding America, your local food bank, or your favorite non-profit, we need to show up for those in need during these challenging times.


I used the B&B garlic powder and thyme in a lentil soup recipe recently. The thyme is so fresh I only needed a tsp for an entire 6 cup batch and the garlic powder is so smooth that bitter finish was completely absent.

I’m so hyped on these guys attention to freshness, I just ordered seven more spices.

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I’m ready to dive in!


Okay added the cacao to warmed milk to see what would happen if I froth’d it…great things!
Wild za’atar I’m using in a wild rice soup recipe instead of thyme.
King caraway; next time I bake bread.


Used their cinnamon and allspice.


@MsBean You’re going to want to know about this thread… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh Shit. I’m in trouble.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold