Spent about 5 weeks in LA/OC (photo dump)

Han Yang is still one of my favorite Korean spots on both coasts.

And a close up of my favorite kimchi, the mustard green kimchi. I have never seen this anywhere else in LA, OC, NYC/NJ, por que? The slight bitterness with the sweet and spice is highly addicting. I’ll eat it with a bowl of rice and some eggs


Haven’t seen it at Seoul Do Soon Yi and Hansung (both great kimchi shops!). Why go to H Mart when you can come here?

Hansung also has perilla leaves banchan and oyster banchan. And mandu. And the most super sweet cute grandpa.

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Kaesung makes a variety of mustard grern kimchi (at least they used to). Have you been to their shop on St Andrews Pl and Olympic?


I haven’t been to any of the Ktown kimchi/banchan shops but thank you for the heads up! Have you tried their mustard green kimchi?

Kaesung, yes; Han Yang, no, not yet.

Kaesung is sold at Zion markets, including the one in Buena Park. Can’t recall for sure if the mustard green kimchi has been there or not – I think I’ve seen it before.


Pho Akaushi. Please don’t go to Pho Redbo


Endofferine. Cortado and pour over. Beans from Sey.

Bakers Bench


How does it compare to their Furikake croissant? Which I always felt was the perfect way to make a vegan butter patsry


What’s the story there? I went to the Garden Grove location when it was still named Akaushi, but have not been back since.

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I have not tried it. Was my first time so I figured I go basic bitch.

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Redbo people pretty much screwed Uncle Tom (who is/was part owner but he is the only one who knows the recipe for the broth). They are in a legal battle right now from what Tom told me. The real Pho Akaushi with Uncle Tom is at Oc 7 on Bolsa.


Ah, okay. I feel like when I went Uncle Tom was there and briefly chatted with me at my table. Good to know.

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