[Spain] Sierra de Aracena: Hiking and Jamón

That was great! You should lead food tours. Forgive me if you do, and I missed it.

LOL… But yes, they do have food tours in Sevilla. I prefer to do it alone with my partner, though.

Yes, we were there a few years ago, but your trip sounds like more fun.
I think these were there.


Yeah, I recognise the charcuterie shop straight away. Bought ham most often from them.

I try to post some photos taken at the market next time.

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It occurred to me the fish I ate in last week’s post was actually swordfish. Checked the receipt and indeed it was.

Pez is swordfish

Some market photos:

The markets in Sevilla are small and decent enough but I’ve been to far far better markets elsewhere in Spain.

Rosa and Raf tomatoes I brought home in my carry-on. They were still a little green here but a week later they turned red. All gone now, 6 kilos of them.


A typical charcuterie

The sign informs you the classification of Iberico products. Each pig’s leg has a colour tag and another tag with other info about the type of pig and the producer, respectively.

Hand-slice to order and vacuum pack without extra charge

All sorts of cheese including other typical European ones.

Like in Portugal, charcuteries here also sell cheese, cold cuts, tinned seafood, wines and so on.

Wild boar brawn

So sad I couldn’t possibly add anything else to my rucksack otherwise I’d have got a few wheels of goat’s and sheep’s cheese. Hopefully next time.

Meat and cheese snacks in paper cones


Fresh olives


All the produce and fruit stalls have many “do not touch” signs

Again, like in Portugal, there are many fish stalls at the market.


Cooked crab legs. Painful price.

Typical food served at market restaurants

There’s even a cooking school


Wonderful photos! Thank you for posting them.

That was nice! Thanks for posting.

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