Southern Ham in Boston area?

Southern Ham

(If this deserves a thread of its own, please godsmods, do the needful.)

Is there a place in town where a sampling is available?
(Yes, I have looked at the obvious – Formaggio K – and rejected their limited offering.)

I’m in NYC right now, sufficiently south of Cambridge that I have, as we speak, in front of me Benton’s (salty), Finch (sweeter, but stringier), Newsom’s (a little salty+funky on the aftertaste) , Broadbent (dry and very salty on the aftertaste), Johnston (softer, most “ham” like).

Could I similarly indulge back “home”?
(Although, for a wanderer, such as myself, home may simply be where the ham is.)

It’s not an idle question. We have an international crew coming for Thanksgiving (Korea, China, France, Italy, Russia/Israel, India) and are anxious, trumpeteer-like, to prove we have not only the best words, but the best ham.


Southern ham looks so very thread-worthy. Where did you sample these beauties? Most are new to me.

Thanks GretchenS for moving the topic. I also started a more general thread on the glories of Southern ham, but would like to keep this one for Boston area suggestions. My NY ham sources are mentioned in the new thread:


Thank you for sharing this info. And for giving me another life goal: more ham.

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What a great topic! I’ve been wanting to know for a while now; would be great to have a place where you don’t have to buy a whole leg.

On a related note, my Chinese cooking use Jinhua Ham sometimes - a Chinese varietal not unlike country ham, although it’s more commonly diced and used in cooking than thinly-sliced. I’ve seen Jinhua bone-in ham steaks sold in Chinese supermarkets (Ming’s I think), and just assumed those are Smithfield cut up for sale.

It’s near impossible to get real Jinhua in US, and stories of those smuggling ham across borders often end with a hefty fine and ham confiscated - so if anyone has a source for them I’d like to know too!