Some Places to Eat in Munich

Yeah there are a lot of nice places to eat in Munich. I loved it there a lot. I felt like it was a really nice trip gastronomy-wise but the food can be a little too fat for my taste. I also liked the fact that there were places to even even outside the city itself

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Yeah it’s true. There are so many good places to eat in Munich. I really liked Gute Nacht Wurst. They had some of the best sausages I have tried. Yeah the center is filled with breweries and it’s still fun because you are able to taste so many different types of beer even though you are technically not moving outside the center of the city. Regarding the food establishments outside the city I took a day trip to Neuschwaustein Caste while I was there because everyone said I should (you can find details over here: and I didn’t really find any good restaurants near the castle which is strange. The food there tasted bland at best. But the beer was exceptional


I agree, Spatenhaus is super. They have excellent asparagus options this time of year. Spatenhaus has been my favourite traditional restaurant in Munich for close to 17 years. I’ve enjoyed the Sauerbraten, the gulasch soup, the käsespätzle, the asparagus with parsley potatoes, and the desserts.

I also like a visit to the Ratskeller when I’m in Munich for a few days.

Menu at Ratskeller

Dessert Menu at Ratskeller

I’ll add Café Luitpold, as an upscale konditorei that makes Prinzregententorte.

I also like Rischart, which has several Café locations.

Kreutzkamm has excellent tortes, stollen and Florentines.

Kreutzkamm’s menu at their Maffei Café location in Munich

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