Software upgraded- site layouts to be restored soon

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #8

unpinned #9

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After I switched to mobile view the issue stopped.


(Junior) #11

Just a FYI, I’m getting a lot of “phantom” new message notifications. I’ll get the blue notification by my avatar as if someone has responded to a post, but when I click on it, it takes me to a comment made several days ago. It’s actually happening as I type this, so I’ll screenshot it for you.

Take a look:

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The same is happening to me, with the addition of new messages being delayed a day or two.

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@chowdom @NotJrvedivici

We are discussing the issues here.

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(saregama) #14

(Comments are for mobile version on IOS, safari and Firefox)

After clicking a new comment/like from the notification drop-down list, the HO title bar goes away and is replaced by the topic title bar:

Need to scroll up or down to have the title bar and profile pic thumbnail restored, which is less useful than before:

For eg, notification takes you back to your own post, turns out it’s a “like”, so you just want to get back to the rest of the notifications. Earlier, the thumbnail was always visible with the title bar, so you could click it again to continue down the notifications. Now, you have to scroll up or down to get the HO title bar and profile thumbnail back into view.

Also, I clicked a person’s handle, which popped up a window with their stats - but there’s something off with formatting for a mobile screen:

And finally, I tried to upload a group of pictures as a slideshow on the quarterly cuisine thread, but now they upload as a series - here.

Thank you!



True! If you use iPhone, tap on the top bar with the OS clock, it will bring you to the top of the page.

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(saregama) #16


It’s not about the top of the page

It’s not what the persistent bar was at the top of the HO page - it changed with the software update

Used to be the first pic I posted.

Now if you’re inside a topic, it’s the topic title, until you scroll, then the HO title bar shows up again.

So this

Vs this

Scrolling to get to the HO title bar and the profile thumbnail with drop down for notifications is an extra step after the software update



Yes, it’s what I was talking about, to reach the avatar, you need to go way up! If you are in WFD, you are doomed!

Faster way is to click HO logo, and go the home page.



That’s the follow button being off the screen. A bug with the Follow plugin. i can flag the developer.

After the queue is cleared the slideshow is back.

I think that’s changes the software developer made. Nothing we can do.


(saregama) #19

Ugh. Annoying. But as with everything, I’m sure we’ll get used to it.


(saregama) #20

But that’s new - it wasn’t that way before the update - that was what I was flagging. Answered below - apparently a choice the developer made.



Ah the sticky bar with the rollover animation, actually I kind of like it. :smile:

Problem I forget what it was like before.


(saregama) #22

It’s fine, but I already know what topic I’m in (which is what the new sticky serves to remind of), and if I’m quickly going through notifications, it’s now much slower - have to add a scrolling step to get back my profile icon and the rest of the notifications.



Actually by scrolling up slightly each time after you scroll down the page, you can keep your bar with avatar.

I don’t mind the title bar, it will be nice to keep avatar on the title bar too.



@hungryonion @sck

With the update, another issue I notice, URL doesn’t show preview anymore.

For example an Amazon link has no picture and description compared to automatic generate before.

Also, the picture sizes are limited to 750 px.

Are these changes intentional?


(John Hartley) #25

Personally, I’d regard that as an improvement.


Anyone noticing the website loading slower after the update?

As an example, I used Amazon (I agree that it’s a good thing), but the URL can be a link towards an article too. Or even a link in HO.



Do you have an example? I suspect that its because generating the preview goes into the same process queue as the notification. So things are backed up.

What do you mean by 750px?