Sodium in cold cuts

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I know this is a generalization, but I think one of the best way to reduce and/or control sodium intake is to eat out less often.

As they say in the restaurant industry, add extra salt and fats (oil, butter, etc.) to everything, and if you add too much salt, add more fat to balance it out, if you add too much fat, just add more salt to balance it out, and on and on …



This is dense reading but important stuff for CKD patients and I hope, the general public as well :grinning:


which is about half of the US RDV of 2300 mg of sodium a day.




also keep in mind . . . “salt” and “sodium” are not equal.
salt = NaCl
“sodium” per se is about half the “weight” of salt.

most nutritional labels explicitly list “sodium”
as to the limit - it’s all over the place.
this is the UK National Health Service position - 6000 mg salt ~= 3000 mg sodium
which is not the same as Canadian ideas
which is not the same as USDA ideas
etc etc

the Canadian 1200-1500 sodium is half that of UK…

as Kermit once said: “It ain’t easy being healthy.”
. . . . or words to that effect…

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The Canadian guidelines are fairly new. The guidelines had been 2300 mg previously.

The average Canadian was consuming round 2760 mg a day, according to one Canadian government study from 2017.

I don’t know if I’ve been consuming more or less sodium than I was in 2017. I ate out a lot more in 2017 than I do now. I used to eat out 5 to 7 times a week. I know eat one dinner out or get take-out once a week, and order one breakfast sandwich out or brunch main once a week. I eat less fast food but I eat more Vietnamese food and pizza.
Who knows.

I have been eating more sodium at home since I’ve been cooking more foods at home that contain sodium, since I’m not ordering them from restaurants. I’m also weighing 10 lbs more than I weighed before 2020, so sodium consumption probably went up with caloric consumption.

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1500 mg requires serious work, and never, ever eating out. The Pandemic put an end to my restaurant adventures; I try for around 2000 mg or less a day, I’m a fatalist, I guess.