Small plates, tasting menu, wo choy in South Bay

My wife and I, who live in SF, are considering a stay-cation in the South Bay or Fremont area, random nibbling for lunch and a memorable non-Western meal for dinner.

Can you think of unique non-Western places where two people can try a variety of dishes, or places that have tasting menus? Iroriya would be perfect but closed. Chinese options I can think of are better suited to larger groups, Japanese options (kaiseki, etc.) other than sushi would be good, open to Indian, southeast Asian, etc. Don’t really care about alcohol options.

Some ideas off the top of my head. have never been:

Maum- tasting menu Korean
Wakuriya, Kaiseki. but it’s not that far south. You will have to reserve a month in advance.

Let me think about this a bit more.

These both sound great (peninsula would work)

Dang, I forgot about the reservation factor. Planning (hopefully) for two weekends from now and again later in the fall.

I think current plan will be to have lunch at either:

  • Famous Dumpling House potentially followed by stop at JX Cuisine for Dezhou Braised Chicken.
  • The Three Sheep (Newark)

For dinner, still haven’t figured that out, but reservations at Michelin-ish or the higher end (non sushi) Japanese places aren’t available as far as I can tell (any suggestions? Maum & Wakuriya aren’t available).

Maybe we’ll just do one of the better Hunan places and over order. Is Hunan Impression the best?

An excellent 24 hours of food. We wound up at Famous Dumpling House for lunch (good XLB and some Shandong dishes), Qin-Tang Charm for dinner, and Jenny’s kitchen for breakfast the next day and leftovers to share with others. Also, across from our hotel was the Mitsuwa Marketplace, which had an eye-popping supply of Japanese snacks and groceries. I’ll link other places soon.