Shake Shack- Monmouth Mall, Eatontown

Funny how the memory works, I completely remember trying shake shack and reporting my disappointment. I have -0- memory of my second trip to the mall location where I unwittingly went back to today.

Long story short the wife and were looking for something to eat, it was late and my son had brought shake shack home earlier for him and the gf. I jokingly offered that to the wife and she agreed so off to the mall we went.

Now that I’ve re-read my reviews I can say the service just sucks. From ordering to receiving my order was 15 mins of standing and waiting, this at 8:30pm on a Tuesday night. Ordered a cheeseburger for the Mrs and a hot dog (impulse purchase once I saw it on the menu) and a hot honey chicken sandwich for myself. A cookies and cream shake (me) and black and white for the wifey.

The chicken sandwich sucked just plain ole’ sucked, especially in today’s chicken sandwich frenzied world we live in. The only thing worse was the hot dog, not sure what else needs to be said. Lol

What started as a half hearted joke; “ you want shake shack “ turned into the joke was on me.

I might have forgotten my last time here but I won’t make that mistake again! I’d take Mc Donald’s quarter pounder with cheese and a shamrock shake any day if the week over this. (I’ve never even had a shamrock shake lol)


The important question: was the scratch-off a winner?

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The Wifeacita liberated on of those plastic things they put on your table to bring your food.

It was Whataburger number 18. :hamburger: :hamburger: :hamburger:

Lol nope!

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Danny Meyer would lose it if he read this!!

(had to Google him) Hey, sorry Danny-boy!!

After Five Guys mediocre showing I eschewed burger/chain joints. Thanks for punctuating this one. Danny probably could not care less about the customer experience there. Symptom of having more locations. 6 degrees of can’t keep track of.
Will still try an In-N-Out Burger when I get the chance though.

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Aside from my aforementioned ketchup issue, I’ve always had good burgers at Shake Shack. I’ve been to Monmouth Mall once and Bridgewater twice. Might even have to consider it my favorite.

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I’ve never been to the local outposts–only to the original in Madison Square Park and another location in the city that I can’t recall at the moment. But–the burgers were EXCELLENT there, as was the service.

@NotJrvedivici (and really, ALL of you HOs) - if you’ve never read Danny Meyer’s book Setting the Table, I hiiiiighly recommend it. It’s all about hospitality, and DM truly GETS IT. I’m a fangirl since reading it when it first came out! He is our people (even if he spread SS too thin around the world).

I’ll put the book on my too read list, which still includes Animal Farm from freshman summer reading. The service is horrible and for the thickness of the paddy I don’t understand why it takes so long. The employees can care less as they are over staffed.

In their defense my wife gave the burger, just a plain cheese burger a solid meh. It was the chicken sandwich and hot dog that were absolutely horrendous, the hot dog was 2 bites and garbage.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold