SFBA Favorite Bites, September 2016

i did not ask them the provenance of the wagyu. A5 Miyazaki seems to be pretty popular around here. I would have liked some toasted garlic chips perhaps. The wasabi lobster provided enough wasabi for me for the evening :wink:

Thanks, anyway. Yes, around California it’s most often Miyazaki-gyu or Kagoshima-gyu. Maybe it has to do with the distribution. Of course not bad, but not my two favorite types; anyway, I’m curious what kind of beef it is at the original Miyamasou.

It seems to me that at Miyamasou, the wagyu inaniwa udon should be one of the last courses, maybe the last course before palette cleanser and/or dessert. I wonder if In Situ courses things like that?

Anyway, I hear you - some thin-sliced elephant garlic, toasted up on the grill…fresh Shizuoka wasabi…great rice, that makes for an awesome dish - no sauce needed!

They said it was A5 miyazaki