SFBA Best Bites, 1/2017

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s dig in!

“Brusela” from Bellota in SF. “Roasted & fermented, brussels sprouts, garum vinagreta, idiazabal migas”

Great mix of textures and flavors. Salty and savory and slight funkiness from the creamy garum (fish sauce?) vinaigrette and the cheese, slightly bitter and sweet brussels sprout flavor from the brussels sprouts. Crunchiness from the bread crumbs.


I was bummed to visit Fenix in SoMa right after they got rid of their “little tastes” style of eating, which was kind of like Mexican Banchan. Luckily, their food is great, in particular a trout in trout broth with hominy. The savory fusion of the trout broth and chilies brought to mind bonito flakes, and tasted great with their house made tortillas.