Serious Eats redesign

Hm. Our laws are written by lobbyists, so why should be we surprised?

Fanboys keep sending me links.

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And you have to follow them because…?


Because I let their fawning get under my skin. It’s a failing on my part.


My son’s girlfriend has one. They like it, but the lettuce they were growing in it looked a little bit puny to me. I didn’t say anything or ask any questions about it, but I can tell you that what was growing looked nothing like the image in your post.


I have two of them and especially love them for seed starting. I have several seed starting set ups, and the hydroponics really seems to speed up the process.



I don’t take any issue with the product. I like 'em, although I use soil blocks for seed starting. It’s SE’s advertising mill that winds me up.

Well DUH- it never occurred to me to use one for starting seeds. Okay, now I gotta go buy one so I can finally get some shiso growing. Your starts look obscenely healthy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Understood. I use seed blocks, rapid rooters, and “double cups” too, but when time is of the essence, like when I waited too long, it’s amazing how much this gizmo speeds things up.


Some of the models have seed starting inserts. I used to wrestle them out of the nets, but with the inserts, they pop right out without damaging the roots, no wasted nets, and you can fit way more.

I’m at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, having lunch with sea otters.

Keeping it about food!

For the sailors:


And it’s easy. You don’t have to buy separate bits and cobble them together. No question it is effective and convenient.


Kenji López-Alt is Seattle’s most powerful food influencer — and its most reluctant one

Happy birthday @Auspicious !

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“López-Alt’s latest obsession is the wok. He owns four wok burners and six wok pans in his Tudor-style house on Capitol Hill.

He just handed in the manuscript for “The Wok: Techniques and Recipes,” to be published by W.W. Norton in March 2022. The 400-recipe book, which includes his own photography, was going to be a chapter in his anticipated follow-up to his “Food Lab” cookbook. But after López-Alt handed in a draft that was closer to the size of a telephone book, his editor decided his wok manuscript could stand on its own.

(The “Food Lab” update may instead turn into an expanded, 10th anniversary edition, tentatively scheduled for 2025.)”

Nuff said. And yes, I’m a Gemini too.:slightly_smiling_face:

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“Doc tips his hat to dogs as he drives by and the dogs look up and smile at him.” ― John Steinbeck


Man, I still stump for Serious Eats despite its drawbacks and the redesign but I’m really starting to reconsider. It’s already ridiculous and disingenuous that they only give the “update” date on an article and not the original publishing date. That’s one of the first things I’d look at when searching for recipes since their quality did generally improve over time even with the same contributors.

Now they’re even pushing “updated” recipes in the “Our Latest” section rather than new ones despite there not being any obvious or substantial change. Man, I get that it’s free content but it really undermines the reliability of the recipes which throws the whole operation into question for me.


Me too. I was a huge fan, but I just don’t get it now. I found this;

P.S. I had to look up “stump for”. Am I just old, or am I also uninformed?

A footnote!


Nah, I just consumed a weird variety of media growing up such that I’m not sure really sure what’s everyday english vs some odd, rare idiom. It’s like that scene in “High Fidelity” where the protagonist arranges his record collection “autobiographically”: completely intuitive to him and virtually impossible for anyone else to parse.


Stumping for aerogarden!

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You’re liking that word.

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