Scone Disaster? Did I Do Something Wrong? Wrong Pan?

CI/ATK uses 5 ounces/cup for AP flour, and specifies scooping and leveling for volume (cup) measures, which is a good deal heavier than most sources. If you were spooning flour into your measuring cup, I’m not surprised you were under-measuring for their recipe. For flour especially, weighing is best.


Ground almond and raisin scones. Not the best-looking, but I like the taste.

I’m looking to replace my aged cutter, with another that has a sharp edge, so that I can make a clean cut by pushing straight down. I’m a firm believer in round scones; I don’t like wedges, with brittle points. I need a 2.5” diameter (approx) cutter. Any leads on where I can get one would be appreciated (preferably from someone who has one).

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Strongly recommend this recipe for cream scones, which is really as easy as using a mix. Simply add heavy cream ro flour, toss, gather into a ball, flatten into a circle and cut into triangles. Not overly sweet as written, but you can use more or less sugar according to your taste.

I bake them on an ordinary cookie sheet.