Saturday Lunch, 9/15/2018 12:30 PM, Wojia Hunan, Albany CA

The check in time is during the lunch time. I will enjoy a lot of food there.

This would be a good time to remind everyone about this Chow/Hodown. There’s still plenty of room for anyone interested in sharing authentic Hunan dishes with a friendly crowd.

I would love to come but have prior commitments. We love this place though! Have been a few times and so far have enjoyed everything we have tried. Love their version of sesame flatbread and the toothpick lamb. Hunan noodles were a simple and harmonious dish: toothsome noodles elevated with spicy chili and wok char.

Ernie, I thought I had left a post saying my DH and I would be joining the group , but I don’t see it anywhere. Anyway, we have it on our schedule, so will look forward to meeting everybody!

OK! Could you have responded to the Chowdown email I sent out?

If there’s still room, I’d love to join!

Also, following the rule to never go to a supermarket hungry, I’m heading to Newark afterwards for the 3-6pm Chihuo night market if anyone wants to join (there are still tickets).

Plenty of room!

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Please add me to the list-this sounds like so much fun.


Yes, I’m probably on the Chowdown email, so we should stick to that reply. Sorry, my bad! No need to count us twice, LOL.

Another reminder that the lunch is this Saturday, 9/15. We’re up to about 14 people now, so there’s still room (we’ll take two tables).

The restaurant is at 917 San Pablo Ave in Albany. Parking is difficult in the area, so you may have to walk a bit. There’s a small parking lot next door, but I don’t think it’s available. My cell phone number is [redacted], if you need to get in touch the day of the lunch.

just confirming my sister and i are in. see you at 12:30 Saturday!


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Hi is there still room for 2 people for lunch on the 15th? Let me know. Thanks. Katy

Sure! I added you to the list.

We’re up to 16 people, exactly enough to fill two of those big round tables. As in our usual custom for these big events, each table will order its own dishes and run its own check.

A couple of reminders:

  • Parking is terrible in the area, and I’ve confirmed that we can’t use the little parking lot next to the restaurant. I’ll be taking the bus up San Pablo. Watch for time limits in parking areas. They tend to be 90 minutes in the blocks closer to Solano, and that’s probably not enough time.

  • The reservation is in the name of “Chow”. I’ll plan to be there early–look for a short guy with a gray beard (which describes half of Berkeley, of course).

  • Bring cash! With the size of our group, it’s not fair to the restaurant to have individuals use their credit cards for their share.

Is there room for 1? If so I am there tomorrow. Thanks.

Of course!