[San Sebastian] Which 3 Star - Mugaritz, Arkelare or Martin Berasategui?

Yes, for our third trip we were taking a friend who really wanted to try it l. we haven’t been back since and unless we see more consistency from there we probably won’t revisit given the array of options in Bilbao.

K5 seems to be popular. Had it at Etxebarri & Elkano. Very nice. Markedly better than the house pours at the pintxos places

Yes, K5 is excellent!

Went to Casa Julian today was supervised they use German Friesian beef rather than Rubia Gallega.

They used to use or still do use the local Carnicas Goya as their purveyor. But Carnicas Goya says, "Seleccionamos las mejores carnes en los mejores mataderos de la península y del resto de Europa.

The menu of their Madrid outpost on the Cava Baja states " Chuletón de vacuno mayor de origen nacional* (6 ó 7 años de edad, con una maduración media de 25 días, de razas nacionales y extranjeras)

Several meat temples in Madrid, such as Charrúa, also offer Holstein, Simmental and Tomahawk from Finland on their menus.

Well, the Tolosa original uses Holstein cattle now, also aged for 25 days. The bloke at the oven made it pretty clear.

It had the same yellow fat as the Rubia Gallega from the aging. It was a very good steak. One of the best I’ve had. Different from the Chuleton at Etxebarri which was also good but with a different texture - more bite That was decidedly Rubia as both the server & Bittor clarified.

Glad you like the txuleta at Casa Julián.

You´re having quite a gastronomic extravaganza!
We’re headed to San Sebastián on Oct 8 for the yearly S.S. Gastronmika conference and I can hardly wait!