[San Francisco] Good Cantonese roasted meat in San Francisco

a slight off tangent from jook to roasted meats:

@markp how do you compare the roasted meats at ming kee on ocean compared to cheung hing.

We used to buy a lot from cheung hing but switched to ming kee when it reopened. It seems a lot cleaner than cheung hing and IMO tastes a wee bit better


Continuing on the tangent- @MarkP how do you like the roasted meats at Won Kok on Monterey Blvd compared to Cheung Hing? Word is that Won Kok’s is pretty good.

While I’m not markp, I find Ming Kee to be better in the char siu and soy sauce chicken department. There’s an old post by K K somewhere in chowhound, but essentially he states that the chef in Ming Kee are from HK while Cheung Hing is from the Toi San/Taishan area. The marinade for the char siu at Ming Kee tends to be sweeter, they also do two cuts for their char siu, one that is roughly the size of a palm in additional to the more traditional larger cut. My experience with Cheung Hing (roasties taste just fine for me) in the Outer Richmond Noriega location is that they just… chop it sloppily. I had random stray bone bits in my chicken.

I haven’t tried either Ming Kee or Won Kok; I don’t make it to the western side of San Francisco that much. And once we discovered Cheung Hing, we generally ceased trying new Chinese barbecue places. :slight_smile: Most of my points of comparison for Chinese barbecue come, in SF, from places in the Inner Richmond and, elsewhere, places on the east coast (Queens (NY) and Boston).

Not much people have heard of this place but Hing Lung Company in Chinatown has the best Cantonese BBQs in not just San Francisco, but I can conservatively say the whole Bay Area. My folks won’t eat that kind of stuff from anywhere else. And when they walk by their old usual BBQ places, they laugh comparing that crap to HLC’s.

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Noriega is Sunset, not Richmond.

Yep you’re correct.

After so many year, I have recently back to Cheung Hing. I still like theirs. Are they the absolutely best? Maybe not, but they are pretty good.

If you like, you can compare all there locations. All that comes to mind are the sunset location, the SSF location, and the Milbrae one.

I went to the Millbrae one just a couple of months ago (tried the wonton noodle soup with char siu (Cantonese BBQ pork)). It is definitely head and shoulder above most places.

Here’s a linked to the sf chronicle report on bargains in Chinatown. HLC is the place for your cantonese roasties.

The best meals in Chinatown for under $20

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Does Ming Kee still do small geese? They were amazingly good…?!

As per KK/beefnoguy they did it a few years ago, but I haven’t paid much attention to that.

I recall Yee’s restaurant on Grant and between Broadway and Pacific has roast goose pretty consistently, but I never really liked their bbq items.

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