Rodeo 39: Stop by for Laotian BBQ, divine Detroit-Style Pizza, Vietnamese Crepes, Japanese Ramen, Hawaiian Fusion Plates! Kra-Z-Kai's BBQ, Steel Pan Pizza, Banh Xeo Boys, Primal Cuts, Bearded Tang Brewery, Fika Fika Creamery [Thoughts + Pics]


We normally skip boba… wasted carbs! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: But if we decide to try next time I’ll let you know.

For Ramen, I’d recommend skipping it unless you were a big fan of HiroNori Ramen in general. After been to multiple locations, I think they are just average Ramen at best, but maybe this branch is different? Thanks.

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I think the ramen was ok but definitely suffers from take out. The noodles were packed up separately but got stuck together. Even when we tried to break apart in the broth some didn’t come apart. I’d stick with other stalls too.

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