ridiculous label claims


The treats for my cat are “hand selected”!

(Andrea) #22

Not a label, but a Starbucks commercial in a podcast touting “craft liquefied” smoothies of some sort.

Craft liquefied? I think that translates as someone with a Bachelor’s degree pushed the button on the blender.

(For the Horde!) #23

Yeah, I have definitely seen that one too.


Plus, that water expired in 2007! Goddamned stale water.

(For the Horde!) #25

No, it just means that now the water is no longer fat-free.

(erica) #26

Nonni’s ThinAddictives chocolate chip cookies. ThinAddictives come as six cellophane packs of 3 cookies each, in a 4.4oz box. They are melba toast texture, but a bit sweet, a convenient item to keep in bag or car in the event of delayed-commute hunger pangs. As it says on the front of the box, 90 calories per pack. Fine. BUT look at the nutrition panel: serving size 30g., servings per container 4.2, packs per container 6.