Rice & Gravy [NYC]



This makes more sense than anything posted so far . thanks

Agree 100%. I only mentioned the oyster sauce thing because the gravy on Springfield style cashew chicken is also very simple - the only thing in it that even nods at Chinese cuisine (or complexity) is a small amount of oyster sauce.

Will be interested to see what you are able to suss out. @shrinkrap grew up in Queens, maybe she has some ideas?

Trembling. :grimacing:

But seriously; I don’t remember having gravy and rice without at least a hint of a protein it started with. Which is too bad, because husband is obsessed with rice & gravy, and with “lean meat”, which is a non-starter for me.

I spent a lot of time in Brooklyn and Queens around then, and I recall a gravy that started with chicken wings. It might have been a “soul food” thing, and not a restaurant thing, although I had an aunt who sold “plates” . I think I did like the egg foo yung gravy. I think. In retrospect I’m thinking cornstarch thickening and salty.

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Give it a go and report back if you do. Your basic Chinese-American takeout brown sauce is chicken broth, spiked with soy sauce and thickened with cornstarch, especially here in the Northeast. So, if that is the kind of thing you’re looking to replicate, the recipe in this article is the way to go. If you really want to “go there”, add a pinch of MSG to the sauce before you serve it up. If you don’t find the result thick enough (depending on the experience you had with restaurants growing up), increase the amount listed in the recipe to make a slurry of 1 T. cornstarch to 1 T. cold water (you most likely won’t need all of it) and dribble it in, stirring, until you get the consistency you want. Also, you may want more or less of the sherry, ginger, garlic, and/or white pepper, depending on the taste you are trying to backwards engineer. Seriously. This is your sauce.


No protein it was at least a borough wide item
No protein only available in Chinese restaurants
Very popular today still, ugh did not want to leave the beach this month but I will probably take a ride to Brooklyn in the next few weeks get some & ask lots of questions.
BTW it’s not “Soul Food” at all.

That’s impressive! Brooklyn is a big borough. I’m intrigued. Keep us posted!

Which beach?

I’m not in ny now I reside at the beach in NJ for the summer.
St kitts in winter

Seriously? My mom is from Nevis! I think you are pulling my leg.

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Love the hot springs on Nevis not much to look at but I try to get there a few times a year beautiful little spot.

And then there’s the gravy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well that’s okay but Brinleys rum from st kitts is the best.
Coffee, vanilla & spiced are wonderful.
Got to go walk my puppies nice chit chat