Return to the French West Indies

Trout roe makes almost everything better. I get my fill while in Berlin.

So true and I wonder why it’s so hard to find in the US. I have to go to specialty markets and pay up for it. I was buying 80 gram jars for less than €10.

One meal that I forgot to post about before.

Les Bananiers is this cafe located up in the hills next to a bakery. Looks like nothing from the road. Had a plantain and avocado salad and escargot to start.

You can get some fantastic pizza here.

Ham, artichoke, mushrooms, olives.

Instead of a dispenser with chili flakes, they give out these little packets of chili oil. Much better than flakes.


Probably too late for you now, as you are packing up, but I wonder if next time you could get some past security. I was able to fit a little jar (don’t know the size) of chili crisp in our liquid allowance bag (I’m a very low maintenance girl with barely more than a toothbrush/toothpaste) and security in Vancouver didn’t bat an eye.


Thanks for the reports—always fun to travel vicariously. Safe trip home.

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Yes, it’s a shame. It can be ordered online but I prefer to get it in Berlin where the 50g jars are 3.99 :slight_smile:

We’re heading to St Martin next week. The last time we were there I was pregnant with The Sprout who is now 27. Since I’m sure nothing that I remember still exists I’m glad I stumbled upon this thread.

We are staying at Orient Beach and our plan is pick up some barbecue from a Lola on our way to the hotel from the airport. After that we have no plans at beyond visiting as many beaches as we can and eating as much as we can manage.

Thanks for your wonderful report @BKeats