Restaurants Nickel and Diming (or More) Patrons

Yeah, that is business for you. As much I love the free market, you cannot expect free market restaurants to set out to better our health. (I was really joking earlier when I said that restaurants charge you more for adding meats to salad to better your health)

I wonder why. I wonder they price the menu based on people’s pocket. Usually speaking, health conscious people are also more willing to pay more. Although the other argument is that steaming is slower than stir fried, so they may charge based on time.

Which reminds me: I hate the places that ask (for example), “Do you want white or brown rice?” but don’t tell you the brown rice costs extra. Or “Do you want soup or salad?” without mentioning that neither is included in the price for the entree.

And what is it with not putting prices for beverages on the menu?!

In the UK, rice (or other carbs) would always be a separate chargeable menu item in Chinese and Indian restaurants.

I never quiet understand charging for rice (regular). Rice is so cheap and cooking is done in a big batch (not like bread). They must charging >100 fold for a small bowl of rice

I’ve ordered and paid for food to go, before realizing rice is not included. I asked to get some rice, they tell me it’s a $10 minimum to use my card. This happened twice at two different restaurants, and each time I had ordered a very large amount of food, but no rice for me!

I went home and made rice both times, but it was a learning experience. Now I remember to order rice first, then the rest of the food. Of course I crossed both those places off my list.

I actually am the other way. They usually charge about $1-2 for a bowl of rice if not more, and that is a lot consider how cheap rice is and how little effort to make (they just use a rice cooker). So I usually just order the dish (meat/vegetable) and make my rice at home – unless of course I am too hungry to too tired.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold