Regional Chinese roundup 3.0 (SF Bay Area)


  • Shanghai Dumpling House (Pleasanton) Shanghainese menus are obligatorily adding “Sichuan” items, but this place is notable as being the first Bay Area restaurant to my knowledge to list “Wanzhou grilled fish”, in English, on a menu. Under different names, the earlier appearance to my knowledge of the Chongqing style fish in a big chafing dish was in Chinatown’s Pot Sticker in 2012. Defunct Pepper Brothers specialized in the dish in 2013, and though its available at lots of places now, no restaurant focusses on it.

  • Jin Li Yuan (Fremont) the Sunnyvale Sichuan hot pot restaurant builds beyond its Sunnyvale location.

  • A One Kitchen (San Bruno) With an English only menu, they sport a full bar and Sichuan dishes that sound like Fuqi feipian (couple’s delight), toothpick lamb, Chongqing chicken, bean jello, and fried rice cakes I’ve only seen at Chef Zhao. But they tout crab with garlic butter sauce as their specialty, and have garlic noodles, shrimp in kataifi dough, salmon egg rolls, and a mango salad.

  • Gallus Pot (Union City) Shenzhen hot pot has closed

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I’m not sure if Wanzhou grilled fish is a specific preparation, but the similar style of the fish on a rectangular plate over open flame in offered at many Sichuan/Hunan places. being an example. I’m not sure if there are many varieties of that or if you’re talking about the same item.


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Regional Chinese roundup 3.0 (SF Bay Area)- April 2016 - December 2017 archive

My understanding is that it’s the style of cooking/presentation, but I’m not sure. Most restaurants seem to have a single item on the menu fitting that description. But a few offer choices of veggies, sauces, etc. In the SGV, Arcadia’s Sichuan Kung Fu Fish has as many options for their grilled fish as you’d get with hot pot/dry pot.

  • Shanghai Dumpling King’s original, Balboa St, location has closed according to Yelp. The Monterey Ave location remains. Also closed:

  • Spicy Town (Fremont) has closed

  • Sizzling Pot King has opened a Fremont location


They opened up a Venus Cafe (HK Cha Chan Chang chain) in the Richmond district in SF (700 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94118). Soft opening technically, so things are still a little chaotic.

Thought they did a good job on their baked pork chop dish even if the chop was on the thinner end.

Regional Chinese roundup 3.0 (SF Bay Area)- April 2016 - December 2017 archive

If you or anyone tries their wonton noodle, please report back. Years ago I had it at their Cupertino branch. It was terrible. I wrote the entire restaurant off based on that plus one other mediocre dish.


At Venus Cafe? I’ll try to remember to order a bowl, but to be honest, I rarely ever get wonton noodles at cha chan tangs. Typically the baked pork chop or black pepper sauce chicken over rice with a glass of lemon tea.


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The XLB at SDK was never the same after the original owner/chef decamped for his wife’s shop in Millbrae,



Thanks for linking! Jonathan Kauffman also wrote up Yuanbao-Jiaozi, and added both restaurants and Dragon Beaux to the Chronicle’s Many Chinas, Many Tables project, bringing the curated regional Chinese guide’s scope to 39 restaurants, 18 regions/ethnicities. All of the original February 2018 guide’s recommendations are still open, but note that Noodle Shanghai (San Mateo) was undergoing renovations as of two weeks ago



I’m not sure if Canto-western foods called cha chaan teng fit in this thread but here’s an article from yesterday’s Berkeleyside Nosh on Shooting Star Café, Gum Kuo, Duck Duck Chicken and others. There’s also Saint Anna Coffee Shop, 326 8th St, Oakland. The only Oakland places that I’ve been able to find borscht are at these hybrid shops.


I’m glad they mentioned HK Kitchen on San Pablo in El Cerrito, the latest venture from the Jac’s/Mac’s people. I’ve eaten there a few times now, and it’s still good. But I haven’t tried the Western-influenced dishes yet, just the Cantonese.

I do wonder whether they’ve reduced the MSG, though. The sauce on the fried noodles with seafood has a little less umami now. I peeked into the kitchen in one of the old places, and there was literally a bucket of MSG on the counter.

  • @hhc told me that Sama Uyghur moved a few doors down to a larger space in the same shopping center, Din Ding will soon open a second spot in that shopping center, and Yang’s Beef Noodles (Union City), the Bay Area’s first Guizhou restaurant, has soft-opened in the former Sama Uyghur spot.
  • Bun Bao a Fremont-based bao delivery place has opened, but their delivery perimeter is rather limited
  • Just so I don’t lose track of it, I’ve added Lai Young (Hayward) . The Taiwanese-owned business sells frozen dumplings only, which puts it in good company with other businesses in the Northern dumpling section.
  • Fondue Chinoise on Broadway in North Beach, a Chongqing style hot pot restaurant, has risen back to life after a two year slumber.
  • I’ve learned that chef at General Tso Kitchen (SF Inner Richmond) is from Chongqing
  • Eden Silk Road (San Mateo) and Little Sheep (Union City) have also re-opened.
  • Xu’s Home Taste is a Shanghainese caterer based in Fremont (they’ll be at the Chihuo Night Market)


The whole restaurant based on just the noodle and a few related side dishes? Interesting.

  • Tang Collection (Parkside, SF) has closed as per yelp. Could be a false alarm-- liquor license active until December

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I give up. Even in India it’s now Indo-Chinese (but show me some Chop Suey Dosas in the Bay Area). I’m so old I still think of Bangla Desh as East Pakistan.