Regional Chinese roundup 3.0 (SF Bay Area)

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50 years ago my main off-campus choices were Top Dog, Kip’s Upstairs and La Val’s. :frowning:

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Ours too, but 44 years ago!


  • Sungari Dumpling, the northeastern restaurant in SF’s Excelsior, has closed
  • Shanghai Gourmet (Walnut Creek) has closed
  • @shanghaikid pointed out elsewhere that Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodle (San Leandro) is a franchise (I’ve edited a few posts back to say it’s part of Shi Miao Dao )

Also on the chain/franchise front:

  • Yin Ji Chang Fen the cheungfun chain from Guangzhou, has opened in Pleasanton
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper, the Desi-Chinese restaurant in San Carlos, is reported by a few Yelpers to be part of a chain from Kolkata. Nothing on they US site mentions it, but sure enough their Kolkata website lists the “San Francisco” location. I believe the owners of another Desi-chinese restaurant, Fremont’s Go Chaatzz, also told me they were a chain, but I couldn’t find corroboration anywhere.

Here are international chains I’ve noted in the Original Post. Am I missing any? (I’m excluding dessert/drink/pastry places, but will include bigger menu Cantonese places if you let me know what to put down).

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This list now has over 400 restaurants, even if you exclude Cantonese, Chinese Vegetarian, and diaspora cuisines like Desi-Chinese.

Openings and previously overlooked things:


  • Jade Garden (SF) and shortly lived Good Fortune Chinese Restaurant (Newark) are closed
  • According to the Silicon Valley SF Happy Eaters Facebook Group, Taiwanese Grand Harbor (Fremont) is closing on May 26th.
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  • Dim Sum USA in Foster City, a “Beijing dim sum” takeout venture by a former Chili House chef, has closed. Phone disconnected.
  • Berkeleyside’s Sarah Han wrote about Jianbing pop-up Hu Tong Jian Bing .