Regional Chinese roundup 3.0 (SF Bay Area)

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Cecilia and Darrell Corti of the world-famous Corti Brothers Market in Sacramento have lunch at Yank Sing Rincon in 2011:

  • Heritage Noodle (San Jose), from the former owner’s of Chef Yu in Sunnyvale, is open. 3 page menu, including a Chinese American page. The takeout is positioned in the front door, so you need not go inside (thumbs up to the Hot & Sour Bamboo Pork, a big portion that survived a trip back to SF and as leftovers for breakfast).

  • Mifen 101 (possibly Guizhou) replaced Noodle King (Mountain View). The latter was a legacy of Shaanxi Qin-Tang Charm in Cupertino

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Darn. We had good meals at Noodle King. I wonder if Mifen has the same owners.

Luke Tsai writes in SF Eater:

But thanks to a lot of people who helped him, he says, Hung has signed the lease for the restaurant at 911 Washington Street in Old Oakland, just a few blocks away from Chinatown — the space in Swan’s Market recently vacated by Rosamunde Sausage Grill.

If all goes well, Hung hopes to be slinging his chewy Shanxi-style knife-cut noodles out of the new shop by Christmas.

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QQ Noodle’s Cupertino location has closed according to Yelp, leaving only the Milpitas Square location of the Shaanxi specialist. Their defunct Fremont location (2007-2018) preceded the Bay Area’s Shaanxi wave by several years.

QQ Cupertino reopened literally a few days after your post (10/22, according to Yelp). My wife and I took a trek down from SF and got a few things - so much better than the only Shaanxi option in SF.

That being said, the were only open for takeout with a very limited menu. No liang pi, or anything with mo (roujiamo, yangroupaomo, etc) - just some cold apps and 6? of their noodle dishes.


Thank you, that’s wonderful news!

While I’m writing:

  • Pan-fried dumpling (Newark) has opened with SJB, “snowflake dumplings” (whispy edge potstickers), and a variety of northeastern dishes. They appear to be owned by the same group that owns Yummy Yummy Bao (hence the SJB et al.).

  • Sichuan Tasty Restaurant (Outer Richmond) had opened

  • Cozy Wok, a Chinese vegetarian restaurant, has opened in Oakland. General Tso’s mushrooms look good! Anyone recognize the Zhaos (chef or his son) from the Yelp picture?

  • YiYI Mandarin on Clement has closed


Two months later, Eater reports that M.Y. China has permanently closed. When it opened in 2012, its large selection, which included Shanxi noodles’ and seasonal menus, signaled a trend beyond Chinese American offerings at Bay Area malls, and towards the opening of a South Bay DTF, Sichuan noodle and dumpling spots, etc. They had a short lived Graton Casino location as well as a Jian bing pop-up in SF.

Koi Palace, beyond its own large restaurants, first offered its machine made XLB and other dumplings at M.Y. China, and KP’s commercial commissary now distributes to various Koi Palace spin-offs, including at SFO, and independent shops. It’s also prepared them to supply frozen stuff directly to consumers in the Covid-19 era.

Please let us know if you learn the current whereabouts of their chefs. I suppose Dim Sum Corner (supplied by KP) in Chinatown is now the only place to get scissor cut noodles.

  • Huh, I neglected to report that Ping’s Bistro has a new location in Fremont, in the short lived Family Taste’s spot at 2090 Warm Springs Ct, Ste 140. As of my mid-October visit, they had bentos as well as regular menu items.
  • San Mateo’s Seapot has expanded to a Sunnyvale location. Glad to see them open—- I recall from ABC records that this had been in the works for a while.
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