Regional Chinese roundup 3.0 (SF Bay Area)

I don’t really have anything positive to say about this man who filed all these ADA lawsuit. My car mechanic closed up his shop because of his lawsuit, and now Panda Dumpling.

What goes around, comes around.

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  • Yelp indicates Yum’s Bistro, which changed hands before the pandemic, has closed.
  • My BBQ (Milpitas)
  • Kusan Uyghur (SF), the ghost kitchen of the San Jose restaurant
  • Du Xiao Yue (Fremont), Taiwanese
  • Chang’an Artisan Noodle (Mountain View) Shaanxi
  • Bow1 (Newark) Malatang
  • Bai Xing Jia Hunan Fusion (Fremont)


  • Pushcart Fare, in the Mission on 22nd between Bartlett & Mission, has been replaced by a satellite of Chinatown’s House of Dim Sum. A pared down menu compared to the Jackson St. location.
  • Laka Spicy replaces Noodles & Things - Millbrae. Some menu items, like Chiu Chow broth, suggest it’s a rebranding. Any insights?
  • Little Chengdu (Millbrae), which a Yelper says is related to defunct Little Sichuan (San Mateo), but the ABC licenses don’t confirm (Little Chengdu Millbrae vs. Little Sichuan San Mateo). That said, the latter had various chefs and partners, including at one time Bodega Bistro’s Jimmy Kwok, so it’s possible.
  • Mom Dumpling expands their Pleasanton restaurant to a Park Merced, SF location.
  • New China Foods/Restaurant bills itself as northeastern Chinese, also has bento (Taiwanese?), freezer section. Is this related to the New China Foods Union City and Milpitas?
  • Dumpling Union SF’s Marina district now has a dumpling etc. restaurant.
  • Friendship BBQ (Santa Clara) Whoa, they are a chain that started in New York. It has a mix of Shaokao (Chuan’er), Chongqing-style grilled fish, etc. Has a NY-founded Chinese restaurant expanded to the Bay Area before?
  • Lucky Dumpling (Milpitas). The Chinese name is 泰和山东水饺二部 (Taihe Shandong Dumpling Part II), which I think would be the sequel to Happy Family Gourmet/Shandong Deluxe on Taraval.

I am curious to know what people of think of 88 Bao Bao. I have friends from China who like it but the few times I have tried it at the Dublin location I just thought it was okay.

That’s too bad. I remember Yum’s Bistro before it changed hands, and it was very good. Great spot for pre-order dishes or a casual lunch alike. It will be missed. I remember the winter melon soup, the abalone with goose web and shiitake mushroom, etc.

On another note, thanks for the roundup.

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Wow, sad to hear Great Wall/Berkeley has closed suddenly. Also Little Shin Shin/Oakland. Great Wall’s owner sold the business; LSS’s owner retired:

Little Shin Shin and Great Wall Chinese Restaurant quietly close

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  • Long Men Bay Hot Pot (Newark) opens in the former Yi Hotpot space.
  • Fans of Eng’s ZongZi will happy to hear that the owner have opened ZongZi House (San Jose), and serves Shanghai and Cantonese versions of ZongZi and some frozen dumplings.
  • 88 Bao Bao has expanded beyond Dublin and Castro Valley to Brentwood
  • Shanghai Dumpling King, which closed their original Outer Richmond location and still operates one in Sunnyside, has opened a new location in the former Cathay Express Restaurant location in Duboce Triangle. The menu retains Shanghai dumplings and noodles, but eliminates most of the broader menu of Shanghainese specialities and even the popular egg puff. They’ve added a menu section for Chao bing, which isn’t common outside of Beijing-style restaurants.


  • Chinese Japanese Yu Raku (San Mateo) closed. Luke Tsai reported after it announced its closure, which was announced long enough in advance that longtime fans were able to grab last bites.
  • Hakka Cuisine (Fremont) has closed.
  • Shinry Lamian (Fremont) has closed.
  • Root (South San Francisco), the Bay Area’s only restaurant with several Jiangxi specialties closed. The Jianxi-born owner of Noodles Fresh (Berkeley , El Cerrito ) Luke Tsai serves one noodle dish from that region.
  • Rolling Snack (Newark), which opened in late 2020, and served deep-fried Sichuan skewers, has closed.

Hakka is a loss. They serve Hakka dishes that are not often found, whether its in the Bay Area or much closer to the source in e.g. Hong Kong.

I had several group meals there in the last few years and always enjoyed it. I guess I should have written more about them…

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Definitely a loss. I recall having had some dishes there that I’d not had at the SF Hakka restaurants. I think that had something to do with the chef or owner coming by way of Taiwan.

On another note, almost all restaurants on this list that opened during the first year of the pandemic still are open. I suspect that these restaurants had stronger concepts/funding or more time to plan than typical openings.

Thank you for the good news about Eng’s ZongZi opening in San Jose, we have missed them terribly! Looking forward to trying them :yum:

Growing up, I often frequented Hakka in San Mateo on 3rd Ave. Takeout and grab a daiquiri ice from BR 31 Flavors next door…Hakka has since gone a while ago and the location has changed hands a few times.

  • Serious Dumpling in San Jose has four types of Sheng Jian Bao (pork, pork & shrimp, beef and cheese, and vegetarian). I’ve eaten pork & shrimp SJB at the SF Mom Dumpling location, but can’t recall seeing beef & cheese or a vegetarian one elsewhere. XLB include a “pho XLB”.
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  • Suanlafen Noodles (Milpitas)
  • Cafe Taiwan (Pleasanton)
  • Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks (Berkeley)

oh no, we really liked shihlin (at least their fried chicken, their lu-ru-fan was mediocre at best)

I hope their stones town location remains open


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