Regional Chinese roundup 3.0 (SF Bay Area)




I honestly have no idea how to classify this restaurant. It is called Hang Out Spot on 2445 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA 94122.

Here’s the eclectic menu which seems to be a HK style cafe with intermixed Taiwanese, and dessert place. Note, restaurant’s take out menu has their named spelled incorrectly…


How interesting! Signage and elements of the decor in yelp pics signify Hong Kong. Keep us posted if you learn more

Speaking of Noriega:

  • Cafe Bakery now has pineapple baked pork buns. They were sold out by noon, but their regular baked pork buns are still great.

  • Underground grill kings now has daytime hours, and in addition to skewers, has a broader menu including Teochew noodles. The latter had better be good with Thai nghiep ky mi gia close by.


Wow, didn’t really look inside, just grabbed the menu and left. I’m bemused they have Old Master Q on the wall. Looking on the yelp pictures, the sti-down menu seems to have even more items.

Their uh main sit down restaurant, or the bakery next door?


The bakery.

(Gary Soup) #251

The takeout menu cover clearly identifies it as “Hong Kong Xiao Chi” and a wall sign in one of the Yelp photos proclaims “All things Hong Kong” so I guess it’s a HK cafe. I don’t recall anything quite so eclectic in HK, but then I haven’t been in 20 years.

Brett Kavanaugh woiuld love the “Beer Tower.”



I just thought the menu was all over the place lol. Glad to see a translation though.

Ha… beer tower…


Other than the Asia noodle section and some TW minced pork rice, everything at Hang Out Spot is un-apologetically Hong Kong- street snacks, dai pai dong, soy sauce western, Hong Kong dessert, clay pot rice, congee.

That’s like more Hong Kong than Night Market, and to a certain extent, Cooking Papa.

I don’t know Taiwanese or Mainland slangs, but the second word in their Chinese name- hang out- may not make much sense outside of the Cantonese language.


The menu seem to be Teochew, and not so much Vietnamese Teochew. If you ever have the chance, can you ask them where they get their fish balls, cuttlefish balls, pork balls, beef balls? (and, see if they are any good.)


Yes, According to a (noisy) phone call, the chef is from China (I asked if Chaoshan, and he either said Chaozhou or I completely misheard him) . They are “experimenting” with beef balls right now, but don’t currently make the other stuff. I’ll doubtfully make it there anytime soon, so hope to hear from others!


They got another one now in Dublin.


  • Xian Kitchen expands from their Milpitas location to Fremont