Regional Chinese roundup 3.0 (SF Bay Area)- April 2016 - December 2017 archive

I generally enjoy hot pot, especially the social aspects of it. Though a la carte ordering can get pricey quickly, when, like you said, one can have a good fully cooked meal for around the same price elsewhere. AYCE helps. Some cheaper specials, like at Little Sheep, just provide a very little amount of food.

I mentioned in the Berkeley News topic that L&L Seafood in El Cerrito, classic Cantonese, is closed now.

Were you known as “Vampire, the buffet slayer?”


One more hot pot place coming: Haidilao Hotpot, a chain from Szechuan, at Cupertino Main Street.

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  • Shanghai Tapas in Fremont was replaced by Fire Point BBQ & Noodle, a shao kao (skewer) restaurant featuring a few Northeastern snacks as well

  • Taiwanese Papa Lin (Newark) and Jim’s Taiwanese Cuisine (Newark) have both closed

  • The Cupertino location of Xiang Xiang has closed, leaving the Sunnyvale location

  • Golden Mountain in Hayward is temporarily closed until the end of the month according to Yelp

Please add to the discussion of Sichuan/Chongqing noodles.

  • Lock Chun in Santa Clara has an untranslated Korean menu
  • Bing’s Dumplings (Fremont) Taiwanese with hand-pulled noodles
  • Village Garden in Milpitas has closed, and will be replaced by a place called “MY BBQ.”
  • I’ve reclassified Albany’s V Pot as Sichuan hot pot. They also have various Sichuan noodles.
  • King Kee in Union Square just opened. Hoodline’s report in December said it was going to be a Cantonese place, and its opening menu also has several Sichuan items, including the first appearance of “Chongqing Xiaomian” at a restaurant doing double duty as Cantonese/Hong Kong and Sichuan. Portions of Sichuan items are on Yelp. The baby corn in one of their spicy lunch specials and the zucchini kung pao chicken aren’t enticing me. How do they handle both cuisines? Either way, between this and Little Sheep, it’s showing there’s a market for foods beyond the Cheesecake Factory in Union Square.

Not enough of a market to save Tian Sing on Cyril Magnin, however. I imagine Little Sheep will survive as a “destination” restaurant; not sure how long King Kee can hold on.

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  • Izzo Restaurant (Taiwanese San Jose) had an upcoming change of liquor license to something called Bai Xing Jia Hunan Fusion

  • Shanghai Delight (Milpitas) has new owners and a brand-new yelp page that has none of the baggage from the previous incarnation. I wish that were more common practice – – Ownership, or chef, changes don’t get factored into yelp ratings algorithms to my knowledge, and it’s unfair for new owners to ride on the coattails of previous owners, or for new owners to have to live under the shadow of the failed business they hope to improve upon

  • The chef at Spicy Way in Millbrae used to work at Shao Mountain in Fremont.

  • HD Chinese Yunnan Rice Noodle closed their Millbrae location, still have a Parkside location

  • Gui Lin Gourmet (Union City) is closed

You mean Noriega location (HD Chinese Yunnan Rice Noodle)? Parkside is technically south of Rivera.

Thanks for reminding me, I’d completely forgotten about that place!

Oh, thanks! I was mixing it up (mixianing it up?) with that place on Taraval.

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  • A China Live thread is open for discussion. A benefit is on Feb 23rd, and the Chinatown food emporium opens to the public on March 1st. I’ll make a nod to their Sheng Jian Bao in the Regional List, other stuff depending on what’s on the menu.

  • Pop Pot (Sichuan, San Mateo) is closed

  • New Cooking Style (Dublin) Sichuan

  • I-Shanghai Delight (Fremont)

I guess that’s new about China Live. Inside Scoop and others reported it would open for dinner Feb. 24, the day after the benefit.

We’ve waited long enough, what’s another week?

I guarantee if they serve sheng jian bao like Xiao Yang’s or Xiao Xian’s at the tony opening event, there’ll be some big dry cleaning bills.

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Not to be confused with Shanghai Delight in Milpitas, which reopened under new ownership recently.

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  • Noodleosophy (San Mateo) (Shaanxi noodles) wide noodles, “ramen” machine cut noodles made in house, liang pi. Customizable dishes— you choose the protein, type of noodle, soup or dry, spice level.

  • Noodle Shanghai (San Mateo) takes over the former Pop Pot space

Liang pi??? Website says mixian for the third noodle option.

Ha, I mentioned Liang pi to jibe with the Shaanxi-ish categorization, not as the Chipotle model of noodle toppings. They’re described in a single dish as “Wheat-based cold and chewy ribbon-like noodles, with seitan (wheat gluten) slices, cucumber and cilantro; dressed with chili oil, soy sauce, and vinegar”

Got it. Didn’t read past the fold. Does sound like a classic liang pi recipe (but hate it when they refer to kaofu as “seitan”).

A new entry in the Taiwanese category: Chan’s Kitchen in Newark. From the people who originally brought you Chou Mama in Newark which was closed and replaced with Papa Lin, which is itself closed)


Speaking of Taiwanese:

  • Chick and Tea (Oakland) is closed
  • Fusion House (Fremont) is closed

Hubei steamed dishes hiding inside ramen joint? Posted outside Homi Ramen in Sunnyvale, which is next to Saigon Seafood. They call themselves first in the Bay Area.

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