Recs for dinner post-Crane's Beach? [MA]

@grumpyspatient - we’ll see the prices when we’re in Maine! But at $30, it scratched the itch. One summer, when lobster prices were at a record low, my then 12 yo ate 8 lobster rolls in one week of a Maine vacation. The best lobster roll was at the Salt Cod Cafe -


Looks like a good spot. I spent a few summers on Bailey Island many years ago. Some of the best lobster I ever had, rolls and stew. We did some new shell steamed lobster this weekend, $8.99 a pound at Market Basket, very sweet meat. Hoping those prices stick around for a bit.


@sallyt not especially bec it was around a major event each time, but did squeeze in good dim sum takeout from Winsor in Quincy. And NAYJ by Amtrak makes surprisingly good pizza! But I’m guessing I’ll be back late summer or fall with more food flexibility!

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