Recommendations for Sanibel, FL area?

Our family is traveling next week to spend a few days on Sanibel Island in Florida. I’m of Taiwanese-American extraction, and a little obsessed with authentic regional Chinese cooking. However, my wife and I are both adventurous eaters, and our twin fourth-grader daughters are usually game to try most anything. So, we’re particularly interested in great Chinese and sushi, but if there’s a culinary gem of any sort on Sanibel or in Fort Myers, I’d love to know. Thanks, all!

You dont go to Sanibel for great dining. There’s good food there, but the focus in the beaches and the shelling, not world-class dining.

Focus is on fresh local seafood (not sushi) and laidback meals.

The Mucky Duck and Doc Fords are the faves, and its casual pub-type fare…not sure if theres evem a Chinese place.on the island.

NOT slamming the local establishments at all…just telling you to adjust your expectations.


I had an idea that this would be where the expectations would sit. Though I’m curious if there are places that exceed expectations.

Also interested in chowworthy places in Fort Myers, if there are commendable places.

I was just searching for recommendations in and around Bonita Springs Florida (not far) and only found one post through the searching that recommended Ginger Bistro in Ft. Myers - a quick google search shows it is still open . . . .

Wish I could help - but if you found any must try places, please post back, I’m here for a week . . . .

Do keep in mind that if you leave the island you have to pay the $6 toll and sit in that line of traffic to get back.

The 6 bucks may or may not be significant, but the traffic certainly can be.

The Lazy Flamingo on Sanibel has great fresh seafood and oysters. See

I was just wondering the other day if that was still open.

I’m pretty sure we drove past it a few times when we were on Sanibel, back in those halcyon days when you didn’t think twice about traveling. It was certainly open then, Google Maps suggests it’s still open now, though we didn’t go, when we were there.

it’s open