Randall's In Houston (groceries)

Could we be seeing the end of this Houston chain? Why don’t you shop there? Is it the increased competition, or high prices? This wasn’t a problem when the Onstead family ran things, so what is different?

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Yes and yes.

When I lived in Sharpstown it was my go to store, the one in Bellaire and Westheimer/Gessner on the way home from work.

Where I live now the Randalls on Blalock, where I was fortunate enough to be in an armed robbery, is an H Mart and my favorite Fiesta is now 99 Ranch Market. MY HEB on Bunker Hill destroys any Randalls I’ve been in.

The last time I went to Randalls it was Voss/Woodway, if it’s still there, and couldn’t believe the prices. You could shoot a cannon down any aisle and not hit anyone.

When the Onsteads ran it they were known for customer service and if you asked where a product was it wasn’t oh it’s on Aisle 12 they took you to it. That ended with Safeway where you were lucky to find an employee.

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The bank in my Randall’s was robbed once also. That’s a pretty ballsy thing to do in a grocery store. Now it’s all bullet proof glass.

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Robbing banks in Randalls was all the rage a few years ago, mine was done in broad daylight on a weekday. I didn’t go in that place for 6 weeks and they had 2 Harris County Sheriffs working security. They kept security for about a month and then put in the glass.

Well since you asked… LINK


Because it’s closed. The one at 34th and 290 has indeed bitten the dust, although I don’t recall shopping there.

At least the Luby’s in the same parking lot still soldiers on. I’ve been forced to go there after my two mainstays at 290/Tidwell and Fondren/Westheimer were shuttered.

The 34th Street location seems to be doing a good business but since I’m going there now it’ll probably go the way of the wooly mammoth and the sabre tooth tiger.