Posting recipes and finding them...


There is a bit of misunderstanding here. There are no categories folders (for the time being), we are not allowed to create sub-sub folders because the limitation of the forum software, so everything will be in the title.

Keeping things in the generic categories is fine for me though.


It does. I just enabled it. The staff can play around with it and see how well (or not) it works when it comes to tag creation, tagging, searching the tags.


Just did a test, what do you think of it?



Is there a way to restrict tags to only the Recipe category? It gets a bit confusing for other categories.

I found this guide.


I did create a recipe and a cuisine category as a big header, but they needs to include the tag “recipe” and “cuisine” every time if want to be more tidy in the back office.


I am not saying that’s a recommended list, but if you want some ideas for recipe tags, here’s a list to start:

Just FYI that the implementation of those tags is what caused us to exist in the first place.


LOL, I don’t think we are going down to that lane of extremity. A French newspaper uses only tags and eliminate the sections, a disaster!