Please Share Recent SF Dim Sum Experiences [San Francisco]


How does this compare to the Hong Kong Lounge on Geary? Looks like they are owned by the same people.


I haven’t been to Hong Kong Lounge on Geary for a while. Just based on previous, I’m more inclined to give a nod to HKL just cause its less cramped.

I think they’re partnered if not owned by HKL as you mentioned. We noticed one of the dumplings had the Chinese name of HKL at Lai Hong Lounge. But I think LHL is a bright spot in dim sum in Chinatown itself (just crowded)


Hakkasan, San Francisco
Roast duck pumpkin puff, bean curd lotus roll and bamboo shoot dumplings were great. Stir fried udon noodles with duck and XO sauce was good but could have used more XO sauce. Har Gao and Szechuan waygu beef mabo tofu were fine but nothing special, the mabo tofu was pretty bland. Scallop shumai was really dense and slightly fishy, tasted more like shrimp than scallop - not good. Their $16 cocktails are pretty darn good. I wanted to go to Dragon Beaux but my boss was picking up the tab so her choice. I suppose if you want good cocktails with your dim sum it is either Hakkasan or China Live. Prices are pretty crazy, I doubt I would go here on my own dime.

(George) #25

We just had our first Dim Sum of 2019 @ Koi Palace. Overall it was very good. We tried a couple of new items we liked and would order again. Here is what we ate:

XLB- now served in white ceramic soup spoons like at Dragon Beaux. Seems like they have a wide variety of flavors and colors now like at Dragon Beaux. We didn’t particularly like the multicolored ones we had at Dragon Beaux in the past so we stuck with the regular ones. They were good. Last time we were here we ordered the ones with crab roe and I remember them as being more flavorful and thinner skined than the ones today.

Pan fried chive and shrimp dumpling. One of my favorite things to eat here. Today’s was good but seemed less flavorful than the best versions we have had here.

Shrimp dumpling with XO sauce. Another favorite thing to get here. Excellent

Wonton with shrimp roe. A new item we haven’t had before. Excellent! The filling was umami rich and had a slight mustard and Smokey flavor that paired well with the julienned strips of green onion. Would definitely order again.

Soy sauce noodles. A simple, delicious and satisfying expression of wok char.

A new dish, I forget the name (I wasn’t able to find it on the online menu) that had rice, smoked and dried meats and chicken served with a lotus leaf underneath. I am not sure what kind of rice it was- not sticky rice rice but it was remarkably fragrant and good. The smoked meats were addicting and delicious. Would order this again.