[Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam] Quan Chu Ga Trong seafood and various snacks at the night market

Big contrast of the lively night market in Duong Dong, Phu Quoc, compared to the sleepy and quiet Kampot or Kep.

After some negotiations with the price of seafood, handing back and fro the calculator by correcting the numbers, I guess we still paid the tourist price…

Stir fried clams with spring onion and peanuts

They love peanuts in Phu Quoc, every meal, we had plenty.

Grilled squid

Grilled slipper lobsters - flesh was fine and tasty.

3 dishes with 2 beers 666,000 dong - around $30 USD - delicious. Recommended if you like seafood.

Chu Ga Trong
100 bach dang, kp2 duong dong,
Phu Quoc,


We wandered around the market after the meal.

We read that this type of rice paper pizza was a hit snack that got trendy recently. We tried once, was good.

Octopus cake - I saw it before in Hong Kong, I believe it is Japanese origin


Keo Chi - “Stretchy” candy, a traditional Vietnamese sweet, we liked it a lot.


Read here if you want to know more about this candy:

More charcoal grills skewer for Mr. naf.

And more banh mi…