[Phu Quoc Island] Various street food meal

Banh mi

We said yes to all ingredients

Pork floss


Spring roll lady

Spring roll with pork

Banana fritter

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Bun rieu - tomato crab noodle soup with pork


This was in the middle of nowhere at the countryside, on a big road leading to the south of the island. There was no one, don’t know why the hawker was there.

Banh Bao - steamed pork bao

And a small quail egg and some vegetables besides mince pork. Filling the stomach and delicious.


Street food at the night market

Did you shop for any fish sauce? And if yes anything unique, not available elsewhere?

So many good things there, but fish sauce is banned on plane. Some countries you could ship, check with the post office. We didn’t buy any in Vietnam, we had to eventually go to Hong Kong to buy the VN fish sauce available in HK, not many choice.

My whole story here: