Persian food in the Greater Boston Area

That’s totally what we do @youngho. Sometimes it feels like our efforts amount to nothing in the face of it all. We’ll keep fighting the hood fight, though.


That’s surprising to hear - up here in the Bay Area I haven’t seen styrofoam containers in restaurants

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You’re right. It’s very regional. We didn’t see it in Santa Barbara either. A poster on the LA board just shared that LA County has banned polystyrene in restaurants, going into effect next spring. So hopefully by the time of our next trip, it will be different.


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@youngho and @Parsnipity This may be a company to keep an eye on. Recirclable currrently serves only Roasted Granola in my neighborhood and Shubie’s in Marblehead but I hope this model catches on. Admittedly, I haven’t it used yet because I don’t do take out from Roasted Granola.

I’ll post a separate stand-alone post so this doesn’t get buried in this thread, lost forever. I don’t know how to split out into a new thread but I’ll look into it. :slightly_smiling_face: