Passing thru I-95 - ideas for easy exit/great food!


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Mastori’s has cheese-filled rolls in their bread basket. #thatisall

That talked me into it!

Stopped by for a late lunch. Location was a little tricky to spot heading north with an ancient GPS . Made a u-turn and no problem finding it heading south.

Water and a plate with cheese bread and cinnamon bread arrive immediately. These aren’t delicate sized rolls, each is a hefty handful. The cheese is similar to that of a cheese danish and quite tasty. Salad was crisp, fresh with a homemade dressing. And filled the plate.

I had meatloaf which was one of the lunch specials of the day. Oh my! Three generous slices plus a smaller slice of meatloaf covered in a wonderful mushroom and onion red wine gravy. Whipped potatoes were a nice addition. My other side was house pickled beets. Nice with a light acidity and a bit of oregano. Not the usual sweet/sour brine.

Then the dessert tray comes out since the lunch special includes dessert. The server suggested boxing one up. Have yet to try the lemon coconut cake I choose. And, yeah, it’s not small.

The amount of food was a crazy deal for the money. And the food was quite good too. Service was quick, friendly, efficient. I’d definately return…after I finish the 3 more meals my leftover meatloaf will provide!:relaxed:


Yup, you were in a Jersey diner, alright! Glad you enjoyed Mastori’s!


You guys got me to take a closer look at my timing. To avoid rush hours at various points along the drive AND eat in NJ and try to avoid a bit of rain I left the evening before and stopped just outside of the beltline around DC. Left the hotel after morning traffic had slowed , had lunch, and hit the George Washington Bridge just before 4. Traffic heavy but moving …arrived in Ct. in an hour. Considering the famous New Haven clam pizzia for lunch!

Thanks for the resturant and navigational advise. I’m hoping to try another NJ place on the way back home.


After a Sunday non-stop traffic jam on the parking lot known as I-95 I managed a very late diner dinner in NJ!

Stopped at The Edison Diner in Edison, NJ. Easy to find, plenty of parking, clean and comfy. My waiter was soothing and accomodating which was perfect after being on the road all day.

Spent the prior day bringing the vegan tripmate to the airport and ate largely seafood the past week so had a beef craving. Brisket fit the bill! Dinner included a beverage, soup or salad, rolls & butter, main, 2 sides and dessert. Crazy portions and the leftovers became another dinner and 1.5 sandwiches plus the coffee and dessert was the next morning breakfast.

I think Mastori’s does a better job of the food. But Edison’s was fine and the staff was really lovely.

Thanks again for the suggestions. Just wish I had been able to explore more of them!