Paris- football, photographs and food ?

We thoroughly enjoyed Chez Denise a few years ago. You wil need to reserve. As far as Condesa being closed at lunch, well, we had lunch there some two weeks ago. I couldn’t reserve online, so I telephoned. On one occasion I was told that they were closed at lunch. A few days later they took my lunch reservation.

We like it quite a lot, traditional and large portions. I should return some day.


Just call to make sure. There are always some cancelations.

Typically my mate now says he has been recommended Au vieux comptoir and Vaudeville by the Bourse
I am nervous to ask…but any views ? :nerd_face:

No, haven’t been to these 2. Looks like your mate likes more traditional bistrot brasserie stuff.

Au vieux comptoir - CH reviewers reported it as " trad but inconsistent".
I think out of the 2, it is the better one.

I don’t know if your mate is into “classical Parisian brasserie” deco. Food wise, Tomy & co., Pirouette, L’Ami Jean, Pottoka or Bistrot Paul Bert are better for bigger portion bistrot food places, especially l’Ami Jean. FYI, l’Ami-Jean and Pottoka are both cuisine of south-western Fr cooking.

Your evening was obviously a big pisser . Food any better, mate?

I guess the match spoiled the appetite.

The match was no match at all !
As mentioned yesterday my mate was super keen to return to Vaudeville for lunch today so we went there. Great oysters to start and I had sole which was nicely filleted but not outstanding. A decent PC Chablis took the edge off superlative Parisian service - left in the bar for twenty minutes having asked for a table with several plainly free !
On the upside we went to Cravan for breakfast. Lovely place, great simple food and super friendly people.

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Now want to go back for cocktails and snacks. Thank you NAF for a great recommendation. Just sorry I couldn’t follow more of them !

No problem, maybe next time. We all know how things go when with friends, sometimes can be difficult as everybody has different taste and budget.

Where did you end up with your dinner?

(BTW problem with the photo, could you upload it again? Thanks!)

hopefully this works??


Yeah, can see the photos now! Thanks!