[Paris 7] L’ami Jean in 2022: oui ou non?

The cut-open beef wouldn’t tell you much and the temperature is really no issue, for it was slow-roasted for hours — as Stéphane explains, long enough to completely melt the collagen and not long enough for the whole piece to become paste. Thus it could be portioned with a spoon and was wonderfully gooey and tender inside. The beef is kept in a very low oven, then covered with dried herbs which are lit with a blowtorch just before serving.

Regarding size, it was a big chunk of paleron (chuck), each serving about four or five people.

I’d say the meal was served to about 60 people, if not more.

Keep looking, for Denis, chef of Le Mazenay, took care of one course in one of the following chefs’ dinners at the same festival.

You’re very welcome, and thank you. Yes, this invasion of the park by apartment bunnies is quite a phenomenon.

I am quite thankful to the graphic engineers of the Epicuriales festival for having implemented automatic translation on the entire website: French, English, Dutch, etc.