Palermo recommendations?

Good idea - if you look at their site there will be feature articles/blog posts about the city’s restaurants too, altho these are sometimes out of date.

Seems like the Pasticceria is taking a winter break and are re-opening Feb 20 based on a message from the owner on their Google Maps page,12.5864861,15z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x13196372adcf4347:0xac70fa7b99aceed!8m2!3d38.0378194!4d12.5864861!16s%2Fg%2F11bvtdrt2f?entry=ttu
You should probably message them to confirm before you go via there website or other means.

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This is great news. I don’t arrive until the 17th. I’ll see if my B&B can give me any information. Thank you Jen.

We stayed prepandemic in the Trapani area and Palermo (and Agrigento). Trapani was wonderful and I would not mind going back to stay month in the future. The central street is lined with restaurants and (mostly Italians) dining into the night. The ferry to the Egadi Islands was great as well (and the funicular, sorry it is closed). Maria Grammatico of course was a nice spot. To this day, I make Pesto di Trapani all the time (using Lidia Bastianich’s recipe). The salt flat and the small museum there is great – but the main thing is, buy the salt. It is terrific. Super saline, and a nice mineral finish. Makes a nice trip gift as well.

The markets in Palermo were terrific (in summer) – wish I had the ability to cook when we were there, but we were in a hotel (Politeama). It has been a while and any notes I made are long gone (on CH) but I recall dining at Piccolo Napoli, actually by chance. It was OK – later we found it was in one of Anthony Bourdain’s episode on SIcily and it may have suffered from the minor renown.


Thank you Gooster. I appreciate your tips. I had forgotten Boudain did an episode there. I should see if I can find it.