Good to know! I will add to it during the next few days.

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I stayed at the ARC Hotel, so Elgin St was quite close. It was a long 10h drive, and it was raining when I checked in, so I wasn’t in the mood for walking to the Byward Market. In retrospect , I should have walked to Elgin St or Byward Market, instead of spending a frustrating hour looking at menus and and calling restaurants from my hotel room.

I also had salmon on Fri so I wasn’t in the mood for the Whalesbone- so I decided on Italian. While I love Middle Eastern food and Chinese food, I often find it salty. I rarely have issues with the salt at Italian restaurants. I needed a good sleep, since I would have a long day today (11 h drive), so I had narrowed my cuisine choices down to Italian or continental.

I called Mama Teresa’s at 8 pm and their kitchen was overwhelmed, and I was told the earliest they could have takeout ready was 9:20 pm. I also would have a 20 minute walk after that. I hadn’t eaten since 1:30 pm so I didn’t want to wait past 9.

Called North & Navy, they don’t do take-out. Cantina Gia, their sister restaurant does, but I wasn’t going to travel to Wellington St for takeout.

Considered Town, but nothing was grabbing my attention.

Colonnade was closing at 9 pm, and it was already 8:30 when I was making my 3rd call. Interestingly, 3 other friends recommended Colonnade. Next time, I hope.

By this point, I had decided I wanted gnocchi alla Gorgonzola, veal parm or veal Marsala, which are easy to find in Ottawa, and not easy to find in London, Ontario where I spend much of my time.
Ended up trying Tosca, which I called at 8:35 pm, and had my dinner ready at 9 pm. Veal parm and insalata mista. I think there was an error in the kitchen, way too much salt in the salad dressing, plus probably a lot I the veal parm. I was guzzling water all night. The restaurant was full. I can’t recommend it. (Nice dinner rolls, though .)

I have enjoyed Ahora on a previous visit.


Had a quick getaway visit to Ottawa over the weekend here are the short takes on the places I visited
Arlington five a very good cafe and next to atrocious wait times wilf & ada (perplexingly popular)
kuidore: decent mid level food for an izakaya sushi looked sad
Union local 613 a decent getaway from the same old same old food. Strong drinks and ok BBQ though I am not an expert. Extensive southern focus dishes which aren’t common here in Canada. Adding pics
Without Pics Moon room food looked good as friends who had snacks commented very good. Pricey but good wine and cocktails.
Oz cafe I only tried the duck rillete there OK. Good wine list and talkative bar tender.
Bistro Ristoro oh boy we are talking warm red wine here!!!
Food is forgettable. Good service but I can’t overlook these major issues.

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