One thing you can cook better than nj restaurants

So the food is terrible and there’s not enough of it? :wink:


Join in on the party. Crab would make the list but I make crab how I like it. Some people would not like the old bay. There are actually not many crab restaurants in NJ serving blueclaw…a few but mainly down south.

I never used old bay, I’m a Zatarains guy.

How about scungili? Forget the fact that it isn’t prepared correctly, it just is not offered hardly anywhere! Period.

The roccoli rabe at Antonios in Wannamassa is pretty good


I am spoiled but I’m always disappointed by heirloom tomato/mozzarella appetizers, but the tomatoes ALWAYS fall short for me. My mom has this enormous, nearly 1 acre sized garden in Hunterdon County and her tomatoes are out of this world.

Basically on this note, I am frequently let down by vegetables that are supposed to be at their peak ruined by over cooking, salt, sauce, cheese, etc etc.


One thing that always amazed me about Peter Lugers (besides their steak) was their tomatoes. Every day of the week, every week of the month every month of the year they have these HUGE perfectly ripe tomatoes. No idea how much miracle grow they inject in these things or where they get their tomatoes but they have always been awesome.


I bet they have hydroponic tomatoes! I can’t imagine they are getting that consistency any other way.

How cool!


Does blanching in chicken stock vs blanching in water make that significant a difference, TIA?

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I honestly don’t know, I’ve only made it with chicken stock and have never had any complaints so I’ve never experimented with the recipe.