One dim sum lunch in Hong Kong?

I’ll be passing by for a brief moment, and just thinking of having one lunch at a high end dim sum parlour.

I’ve been to Yan Toh Heen, Lung King Heen, Tin Lung Heen, Man Wah and Fu Sing and I don’t plan to return to them this time around.

I’m looking around at a few topics and compiled a short list to give a try. Was wondering if anyone has some thoughts or additions to these selected:

I haven’t been to Fook Lam Moon, Ming Court, Tang Court, Yee Tung Heen, and Mott 32.

Among those choices, I have been to Ming Court and Yee Tung Heen. They were a bit different in style, the dim sum at Ming court was more traditional but the dim sum were very well executed, not that much into visual plating. Yee Tung Heen has both the traditional style which were quite good, and they have also some more creative choices, which you could not find in other restaurants. Personally, I preferred Ming Court, I feel having dim sums on another level, but this was back in 2016 and they had 2 Michelin stars. Both restaurants have 1 star now. You can see both post on Ming Court and Yee Tung Heen on HO.

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Those are all high-end spots.

How about opting for one of the old-school, mid-priced dim sum spots which locals frequent? Some of those more traditional ones (most with cart service):

  1. Lin Heung, 160-164 Wellington St, Sheung Wan.

  2. City Hall Maxim’s Palace, Central.

  3. Metropol, 95 Queensway, United Centre 4/F, Admiralty.

  4. London Restaurant, 612 Nathan Road, Good Hope Bldg 5/F, Mongkok

  5. Dynasty, Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, 3/F, Wanchai

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I’ve actually gone to Maxim a few times already and thought they did a solid job. I’ll keep a note of them when I’m there for longer (or else I’d go broke even faster…). I’m just trying to go for one high end since I don’t think I really see those in the bay area (and I’m only there for a few days).

Yeah was wondering if anyone had any later updates. I’m sure they all execute fairly consistently though.

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Yee Tung Heen I think just got a star this year, FYI.

Ming Court has been fluctuating between one and two stars for a few years now. I can only say that every time I went they were at two. Though I don’t know how much these ratings are due to the dim sums. Its a easy weekday reservation though since its not amongst offices and didn’t have a view.

Have you thought about TWO dim sum lunches in one day? :stuck_out_tongue: One can never have too many dim sum lunches…


I’m really not sure how they take into account for drastically different lunch/dinner options at some of these restaurants for Michellin stars. But it looks like you had a great time eating that shrimp dumpling haha. From where I presume I might be staying, Ming Court might be easier to reach so might just go there and leave Yee Tung Heen for next time.

The only limiting factor might be my wallet… haha. Also might be trying to eat at Tasting Court once more that night so want to save some room…

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Seriously. We took the kids to a noodle joint at Prince Edward an hour before taking them to Ming Court.

And I don’t think I was full coming out of Ming Court. Good thing there are many cheap eats in the streets around.

I heard about a new place called Dim Sum Library. They seem to have quite extreme reviews. Anyone tried it?

Extremely good, extremely bad?

This dish caught my eye. Grouper for dumpling. The travesty!

珊瑚星斑餃 HK$88 for 3pcs
Leopard coral grouper fillet dumplings


Extremely bad in what ways?

Usually service.

Which dim sum place did you go in the end?

As I’m pretty lazy in unpacking things lol… I ended up going to Ming Court.
I went during the weekday and I thought the items were good just… not supremely great. I’ll post an update a little later. I didn’t see the shaoxing shrimp dumpling either.

The server said they took that dish off the menu ~1.5 years ago!! And the other one piece more special items as well. I will post my observations later too.

@Night07 @sck

Good good, wait for your review!

I just added to sck’s original topic about my experience at Ming Court.

Thanks, so which is your favourite dim sum in HK?

This time around? Hmm… that’s tough. I mean for a general no frills one, I still enjoy Tim Ho Wan’s mainly for their bbq pork bun. If you’re talking about high end, I think I enjoyed my visit at Yan Toh Heen more than Lung King Heen. Overall, I think I need uh… more research haha.