nyc restaurant week, summer 2022

Does ANYONE go to Sardi’s for the food?


No idea! I’ve never been. LOL.

Lum Lum is a new Northern Thai spot in the old Pam Real Thai space at 9th & 49th. Haven’t been.

Thanks, @pan. I haven’t had John’s from Greenwich Village in 18 years. My friends used to order it.

I haven’t been to the Times Square John’s.

I don’t want to start a new thread for a one-off recommendation, so I’m adding a quick question. Where would you recommend getting a Caesar salad, Cobb or other main course salad near Times Square. Asking for a relative.

when i worked in the area i liked picnic basket, but it was for takeout. they had a small number of seats.

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i didnt know anyone went to sardis.


yeah, its too crowded. :thinking:


Thank you!

Ha! As a native New Yorker, should I be ashamed to admit I’ve never been to Sardi’s?

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I’ve only been there once. I was probably 13 or 14. My mom was very excited to spot Farley Granger.

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I’m putting Sardi’s on my list for my next visit, hopefully in 2023 or 2024. :rofl:
You’re all welcome to join me .

1979 at Sardi’s

Jayne at Sardi’s

No, no reason to feel ashamed. I’ve been at least once, as part of a group with an actor, and I liked the food. This would have been at least 8 years ago, and my girlfriend doesn’t remember it, for what that’s worth.

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When I was born, my family lived next door to the Vincent Sardis (going back a looong time), and my parents worked across the street from the restaurant, so this was the only restaurant I remember from my early childhood. Seemed special to me back then, but when I went back much later as an adult, I thought the food very ordinary, and wouldn’t go back now for sure.

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I went to Sardi’s, theRussina Tea Room, and the Forum of the XII Caesars when we one tot the World’s Fair way back when I was 14. At the Fair, we got hungry near the Pakistan Pavilion, a restaurant. We went in and one of my contemporaries (13? 14?) asked, “what kind of food do you eat in India?” The waiter left and never came back.


Really excessive reaction to a ~13-year-old, but I guess that would have been like asking someone at a Palestine Pavilion “what do you eat in Israel”.

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We have not been in a while, but their version of steak tartar was a favorite. So, they don’t push the envelope. It’s got history and very decent food.

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Not quite. More like calling a Canadian an American or vice versa (leaving aside the question of who drew a line between the two countries and why). Pakistan is an independent country as is India.

Canada and the U.S. haven’t fought several wars against each other in the last 70 years, with continuing skirmishing or supported and armed terrorists and insurgencies on each other’s territory in recent years, nor has there been brutal ethnic cleansing over the border in living memory.

Please study your history and check your facts relative to your statement of comparison vs Israel and Palestine. I’m not getting into any other discussion here.

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