[Norwich, VT] [Boston, MA] King Arthur Flour visit (plus other randoms)


:wink: I have a pair of wine decanter seconds


A correction: The couple we spoke with were not the owners. I was sort of studying my surroundings and wasn’t fully involved in that part of the conversation. We do this food thing together, and it’s just less confusing to have one online identity, so sometimes we get our signals crossed. (Although, I do most of the writing.)


Wait, you’re saying you’re a conglomerate? Bmorecupcake, Bmorecupcake & Bmorecupcake? (Sounds like a Dickensian lawfirm.)


The Junior partners are Sugar High, Butter Cream and Jimmy. Sprinkles is the receptionist due to a life trajectory predetermined by her parents misguided choice of her name. She just can’t get anyone to take her seriously…


You all are hilarious. Basically, for things we do together like trip reports and What’s For Dinner, we discuss and then I will post, . But sometimes I’ll ask, “Can you post that pic on Hungry Onion and write this quick blurb?” or “Can you finish that post?” Especially if the a picture isn’t on my phone. Between Chowhound, Hungry Onion, and Instagram, it’s a lot of work.


Which opens the existential question: Who is “I”?

Still y’all post terrific things. Keep 'em coming!


Good news! Although they maintain the parking ticket was validly issue, the City of Boston Parking Clerk’s office dismissed our ticket this time. They warned that future violations will not be dismissed.


I like that – as I do your food.pastry posts.


This made me ridiculously happy @bmorecupcake. Such reasonable resolutions almost never happen for us Bostonians.