Northern Italy bucket list quick hits

Thanks! The person probably manually entered these restaurants in google maps. Unfortunately I can’t save the list it seems. It’s from an old (2008) slow food osterie book. They come out most any year. One thing you can do is buy the Italian version from Even if you don’t understand any Italian, you will see all restaurant names and addresses listed… :slight_smile:

You can also get it as an app on your phone. Definitely do not need to buy every year. I recently got the 2022 version, and guessing I won’t get a newer version for at least five years. It is also only in Italian, but newish feature on my phone allows me to convert for translation from screenshot. I like the feature! But I’m with Curmudgeon, I don’t think I’ve ever had a really bad meal from a Slow Food recommended restaurant, and some have been among the best meals I have had in Italy, for sure.


Near Malpensa, one last meal. A very long time ago we were leaving Italy from Malpensa and we had to return a car in the morning before our flight, so we naturally looked for a restaurant where we wanted to eat the night before our flight and when we found one we looked for a hotel nearby. I did not find a Slow Food restaurant, but I found a recent Slow food meeting that had recently taken place at a restaurant close to Malpensa in Gallerate. The nearby hotel turned out to be a standard American style two story motel that could have been dropped down in Fresno and would not have looked out of place. This was at least 20 to 25 years ago and the meal was way better than anything in or near the airport. It had a private back room where after we arrived and ordered a bunch of very big men in dark suits arrived and filled and the solid sliding doors (not clear) were closed. Honestly eating at this restaurant is a gamble. I have no idea if the owners or chef are the same but if you are willing to take a chance for a meal try this: