Nj throwback thread, what places would you bring back?

That was wiped out in their bankruptcy.

The Quay in Sea Bright and up the road, Mumfords in No. Long Branch. Joe&Maggies or BAT - Joe Romanowski was one terrific chef and I probably miss his places more than anything.

And for quirky shits & giggles as to having fun, being young, and putting on the feedbag. Long John’s in the Higlands for ones lobster jag, and the P House for humongous prime rib dinners.

And a nod to Sir John’s in North Brunswick when my wife worked for J&J

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Nice list Jr. Do you remember my buddy chris from ashes? He was a bartender there.

How about sals in red bank? Do you recall the week when they did the “turn back the clock” nights where dishes were like 1.50 or something ridiculous?

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I might remember him to see but not by name. I never went to Sals either, that’s where B2 is now correct?

Sals had the best German Chocolate cake, until one day a waitress told us they got it from Caputos. Somehow when we bought it from Caputo’s it just wasn’t the same. I also miss Gutenplans bakery (north west corner of what was the Eatontown circle). A gazillion years ago the Inlet Cafe would serve all you can eat steamers for literally pennies. I miss the after affects … I also miss the pecan pies from Gertrude Browns

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Did you know that there is a Jules in Toms Rivers? I haven’t been, but the owners are family of the original location. I also have fond memories of the locations in Jersey City.

I’m not originally from the area, so my time period is limited to the late 1980s when I met my better half. The one place I miss the most is the original Charley’s in Long Branch. Egg and shrimp salad, huge piece of prime rib, and a loaded baked potato. Yum.

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Circa 1972 Northern NJ, does anyone remember a seafood restaurant called Frick’s … It had a partial water view. I had whole stuffed lobster there for the first time … Experienced as a tween it was very special. It was one of the few restaurants we patronized when we lived in NJ, most of the cooking and eating was done at home.

Frick’s was this the place named after the owner as the result of his failed partnership with his brother Frack?

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laughing out loud

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Does Gratzel’s bakery in Teaneck count? Loved their checkerboard.

There was an amazing German bakery on Leonia Ave, in Fort Lee in the same shopping center
as the ShopRite… Thinking about these places really makes me angry about the shit that is passed off
as food these days… I suppose I should be grateful that at least for a portion of my life food was food and delicious and accessible.

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Chardas and Aranka’s, both Hungarian restaurants near New Brunswick. Sadly, I don’t think there are any Hungarian restaurants left in that area. :disappointed:

The Chippery in Fanwood, which had a run of some 40 years, had the very best fish and onion rings. Chips? Not so much.

Don’s in Livingston for a terrific burger. The place was always packed.

Yupp, the Inlet Cafe and steamers. Went there often, and you couldn’t beat that deal. Then again, one could buy them at 3 lbs for a $1 at the supermarket or the fish store at some point in time back then. They were that cheap. Just like mussels, just like calamari.

There was a steak restaurant on the Asbury Park Circle and they had train cars for dining room.
At the time they had a great salad bar and baby back ribs (mid to late 70’s) - can’t think of the name. And where the Wegmans is on Rt 35 in Ocean, there was a funky Hawaiian chinese restaurant, same time period ? also can’t remember the name. There was also a kosher deli on Rt. 9 in Freehold in a self standing building, east side, just south of the raceway at the maybe 50 feet south of intersection of Helen Ave and Rt 9. Also can’t remember the name, but I can remember eating there ca. 1980, probably before Fred and Murray’s opened in Pond Rd shopping center. Had many meals with my parents at those places, wish to enter the time machine now …

Damn…all you can eat steamers sound great. That was a before my time but let me follow up with my second vote, park hills in allenhurst.

The first Sunday I walked into this place I knew it was too good to last.

1.00 drafts
5.00 pitchers
10 cent wings
2.00 pizzas
2.00 nachos
“Talented” wait staff too!

This was just too much to handle. They even had a lot of tvs so you could watch the games comfortably.

This place got so hectic once the word got out that dudes starting tailgating in the parking lot. It opened at 11 and you had to get there ealier than that to get in line…crazy stuff! This was 04 05 I believe.

@junkliss Was the steak place Victoria Station? If so it was a chain; we had one up in NNJ in Whippany as well, and that was our go-to for family dinners (along with Chinese food and trips to the Ironbound). The last time I had food from VS was for my h.s. graduation party; we got trays and trays and TRAYS of ribs, ended up with lots of leftovers, and they went from the freezer to the grill all summer, as I recall. :slight_smile:

No - but my wife just now thinks she remembers it was called Gallaghers (sp) ?

I liked the hofbrahaus. The food wasn’t the best but that large venue atmosphere and cool location made it decent. It got pretty lively in October.

Here is a question…where did the "Murphy style " dish originate? Did the owner of Murphys in red bank have anything to do with it? @NotJrvedivici will likely know this.

Does anyone remember the ground round? I remember being a kid and they weighed you. They charged kids by the pound, or at least did at some point. I’m not sure why getting on a scale was fun but I remember it being a good time lol

Are you talking about Chicken Murphy? If so, I think that originated up in NNJ somewhere; maybe even somewhere old school like the Belmont Tavern…